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Brian Lopes Downhill Run

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my heart rate went up just watching that Smiling

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THat wasnt Brian ... that was me .... last night about 1am.

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would love to know how quick these guys are goin', i feel so slow when i see this....something to aspire to eh ?

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I think the answer is, "Really!" Eye-wink

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How fast is fast...way faster than I could think was possible on that track even after a season riding A line 4 days a week.

Back in 03 still remember pinning A line as fast as I could the week before 'joyride festival' (now Crankworx). I heard what sounded like a freight train catching me so I kept trying to go faster to get to the next clearing and outta the way, the freight train blew past me like I was standing still. All I saw was a Rainbow jersey dissappearing very was Lopes on a training run.

The guy has skill and talent to burn and I just felt slow.

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if my memory serves me correctly
Lopes won and Bryn Atkinson (in front for some) came 4th

Lopes is just such an animal - almost unbeatable in 4X
Quite funny to watch him on the 4X track
How he just bulldozes past, or over, anyone who somehow gets in front of him

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Lopes v Graves at their respective peaks in 4X would have been awesome. I know they used to race a lot before Lopes semi retired but Jarod has taken another step up since those days.. Would have been awesome 4X racing...

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@igoy: that's the fire trail down to the creek crossing, I presume?

re: Lopes, what blows me away is how casual he is with the big tail whips over the doubles, landing them perfectly each time, and then picking his way through the singletrack with the trees just inches off the end of his bars on some really nasty rutted track surface at about 3:40.

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yup just a footage from last Sunday ride;-) Eye-wink

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knocked lopes out of the dual slalom at the world champs years ago! Needless to say, parksy was a very, very good rider! Unknown but good!

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