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Cyclists v drivers? They're often the same people

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By Rob - Posted on 27 August 2010

Research suggests a boom in cycling among affluent 'mid-life crisis' men and car owners

Oh dear Eye-wink

I'm saying nothing... aside from I only have one car, an old one at that which is seldom used Sticking out tongue

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however am not middle aged or in the middle of a mid life crisis....

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There's definately some truth to it but it seems more to do with road riders

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@Logan... not middle aged or in the middle of a mid life crisis

Nah... you're at the start of of a pre-mid-life dilemma Eye-wink

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could fit this except for the affluent bit, but I ride my motorcycle more than drive my car.

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Been there done that. I prefer the term "mid life wake-up call". Sticking out tongue

Down from 88kg and disastrously unfit to 79kg with one or two more to come off, and fitter than most of the population.

These days it's only a crisis when I can't ride my bike. Eye-wink's picture

The Herald ran the same story - woops guess im a middle aged broadsheet reader. Some of it does fit, like the next best thing to riding is working on the bike. I have always liked riding but have only recently become a full time professional, I just know that if I keep up my other sport (hockey) I am going to blow my knees out some time, so cycling is great. And I'm not very good at it so its fun learning. Have to have a mid life crisis in another way.

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Probably not quote old enough just yet but if this is a mid-life crisis then I am loving it. After having to give away all my old sports because of a combination of injuries and work committments I find a sport/exercise that I am truly loving and *always* stinging to get out and do. The icing on the cake is that I can actually afford to spend a little money, reward myself and make sure that I have nice set-up that suits what I am trying to do. Bring it on!

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I am in the target market and before getting back into cycling was 10 kg overweight and with high blood pressure - Now my BP is fine, avg HR has dropped and I lost 10 kgs somewhere around Manly Dam ( yours if you find it) I have dropped my time by 10 mins a lap and now sit just above 30mins - MidLife crisis? or not wanting to die early, get diabetes or be like the 80% of the population who are obese. Once I hit 40 my metabolism just stopped so I can exercise and eat again or accumulate it around my middle.
Man buys a sports car - midlife crisis ( or he actually can afford one)
Man gets Fit - Midlife crisis ( or he realises his stomach is ballooning and needs to do something)

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So what does it say about ME when the article seems to be describing exactly the sort of person I am? And I thought I was so unique. Sticking out tongue


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I am you?

10kg around the dam, check (sadly, probably another 7-8kg to go!)
BP little high, but now 120/80, check
Avg HR now under 50, check (just guessing this one)
Over 40, check

The only thing I can't check is the just above 30min. Hopefully in the future.

I guess this is a lot of folk.

Have been off the bike for 14 weeks though after an incident with a tree at MD which resulted in an op to re-attach a wayard tendon in my arm. That's how I got the stats above. Back at MD now, but taking it easy for a while........

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