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Hey slackers.. Update trail status

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By danielschipper - Posted on 29 August 2010

So every time I ride I see heaps of people out and about.... But the trail Status for Manly Dam was 1 week old and Cascades 3 weeks old.

Come on guys... If you ride the trail update the status....

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Okay, just updated the Oaks!

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Hey champ,

I'm new to this forum and would appreciate someone experienced giving me a bit of guidance on the salient details of an update. I.e. do you just want to know if it's open or closed? Or do you want a knee jerk reaction of "a bit wet in places, but mostly rideable"?

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Although perhaps the original author could take some lessons in diplomacy? Erm... although perhaps I need to for even saying that Eye-wink

Anyhow, have made some notes on the status system in the handbook:

It's worth saying though, that the traffic lights are one of the best things we've done here and am so happy to see them updated regularly. Many thanks all Smiling

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is mighty fine and on a complete green light! 200+ kms of beautifull singletrack in perfect condition! I'm in heaven! Eye-wink

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Change the record mate, we all know it's rubbish out there Eye-wink

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I'm a newbie on the site so probably shouldn't be getting too fired up... but I'd just been out at Manly Dam late on Sunday afternoon and there were heaps of people riding. I'd also been doing some browsing around the NobMob site the night before and came across a document on Oxford Falls trail management (well written doco guys, anything every come of it?) and it said there were something like 20,000 unique visitors to the site.

So I check the Manly Dam trail status and it is 6 days old... and I was the last to update. Surly someone who has visited the NobMob site had ridden the Dam in the 6 days prior... probably on Saturday.

As above I'm new to the site but find the trail status so valuable that I make sure I update the first chance I get... (often that's once I've been dragged to the shops with my wife and while she shops and I'm bored I'll whip out the iPhone and drop in an update). And for any other newbies on the site... don't worry if you get it wrong... just put a good description of what you felt / what you saw. If you mark a track Green and it should have been orange someone will let you know and you can modify your comments / criteria for next time. AT least there will be a recent status with some commentary of what to expect.

"Slackers" was a bit harsh... but it did get your attention.... so now that I have it please update Eye-wink

See you out there Eye-wink


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@Rob - Yeah was a bit harsh... just a bit frustrated.

Thanks for the tips on the status's. Also thanks in general for the site.... it's a fantastic resource and is certainly making my "comeback" to MTB more enjoyable.

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the back seat for a while as to find out what is going on & ask politely about subjects ????

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If a trail status hasn't changed for a while then it's probably for a very good reason and that nothing of any significance has affected the trail condition. It only really needs updating if it actually requires it.

With the amount of trails everyone rides each week we'd be spending more time updating than riding.

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It only really needs updating if it actually requires it.

Not sure I'd agree. It's good to post even if it's only a few days since the last post and even if nothing much has changed. Otherwise people will always be guessing, "I wonder if it's still like that...?"

Also, reports expire after 30 days, if there's not a steady stream of them sooner or later all the lights will disappear Sad

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