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The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 7

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That was close! Shocked Smart move staying put til the ambos got there.

+1 to the speedy recovery.

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So lucky, broke the C3 into 4 pieces.... wow.

Imagine if he didnt wear a helmet as well, that would of been it, game over.

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Think from what I'm reading here...

... Gee and Rachel just won the men & women's world cup rounds in Windham, which gives Gee the series win.

Best wait for a story in English to confirm Eye-wink

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Putting that page through Google translate I learned a new thing:

Minaar's surname translates as "Lover" in Dutch. Laughing out loud

The mountain bike World Cup finals in the downhill discipline are dominated by the English family Atherton. Rachel Windham won the U.S. contest for women. Her brother Gee dominated the match in the men. The 25-year-old Gee also earned the overall victory in the World Cup. Among the women, the overall victory in the World Cup downhill before the Frenchwoman Sabrina Jonnier. In the downhill, the differences are usually small. Rachel Atherton in Windham was 1.36 seconds faster than Tracy Moseley of Great Britain. Third place went to world champion Emmeline Ragot of France. She gave to 2.72 seconds. The victory in the World Cup was Sabrina Jonnier, two of the six races to win. Second was Emmeline Ragot, Tracy Moseley was third. Gee Atherton won by the men on the Wheelchair-downhill a double blow. The Brit won the race with less than one second (0.37) lead over Greg Lover from South Afrika.Samuel Blenkinsop from New Zealand finished third at 1.91 seconds. In the final standings of the World Cup took it for Greg Gee Atherton Lover. The figures were produced Atherton impressive. He won three of the six matches, while in the remaining three matches finishing second. (Photo: Marcel Slagman)

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Gee Atherton celebrates after winning the World Cup for 2010, following the Windham 2010 Mountain Bike World Cup Festival men's downhill final on Sunday. (Philip Kamrass / Times Union)


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