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NoBMoB'er sighted at 故宫博物院

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By Hans - Posted on 19 September 2010

NoBMoB'er sighted at 故宫博物院

Track conditions: Dusty and ancient. More suited for roadies. Lots of other cyclists about. No cycling in the emperors garden, sorry. Good level of bike tracks everywhere else...just don't vear off the right path, big brother is always there...

Weather: Dusty and hot.

NoBMoB'er sighted at 故宫博物院

NobMob'er sighted at 天安门

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compulsary helmet laws?

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Out of interest, for those that can't read Chinese, where is 故宫博物院?

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Called Beijing...

Good stuff Hans! Were you able to get to the Summer Palace and the Velodrome/Olympic MTB track?

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