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I cant' get there until 7pm, can someone BMORC get there

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By Christoffa - Posted on 27 September 2010

Dear Stakeholders,
Further to my previous message about the draft Discussion Paper on Mountain Biking in NSW National Parks, I would like to advise you of a public meeting that has been arranged in the Blue Mountains, to allow you to discuss the issue with staff from the NPWS.

Details of the meeting are:
Date: Tuesday 5 October
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Springwood Country Club, 70/84 Hawkesbury Rd Springwood NSW

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by phoning 4784 3700 or emailing

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Yep, I'll be leaving work early so that I can make it to the meeting.

I'm pretty sure there'll be a couple of BMORC'ers at least.

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Worry less, there are a fair few BMORCers going. See you guys there.

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Rob's put it in the BMORC calender
You can see who and how many going from there

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Not very many people are taking time for what could be the biggest MTB related outcome in NSW ever.

Legitimate trails in National Parks and reserves.

We know there is at least 100 Blue Mountains residents registered on BMORC yet there are only a handful of people attending the Spring wood meet at this stage.

From info obtained there if roughly 50:50 For vs. Against riding in NPWS.

We saw what happened in the first round of the OBR campaign and we've now had to jump through more hoops and lost over a year of stuffing about.

This is the time to be heard and seen to support MTB.

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