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slow shifting??

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By nix85 - Posted on 04 October 2010

hey so i was switching wheelsets and it didnt come off quite as smoothly as normal but all ended well with the roadies put on, put now my gear shifting is really really slow( like almost to the point of its pointless to shift..)...suggestions to what it could be? n how to fix it ? thanks

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Is it making noise like it wants to change, but it's not?

I dare say you'll just need to adjust the cable tension at the shifter. It's the little knob thing that the outer cable slides into. Try having a play with the adjuster. Just remember to count how many times you turn it, so you can go back to where it was if it all goes south. Eye-wink

My bike used to need a tweak every time I swapped wheels. Though, mine would take 2 full turns outward.

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sounds like you have a different rear casette on your road wheels to your normal mtb wheels (not uncommon)
you probably need to adjust the shifting tensioners on the actual shifter (if that doesn't help) then you may have to adjust it at the rear derailleur.

I used to do exactly what you do (swap road and mountain wheels onto my Alias frame) but it was always too much of a pain in the bum to change the derailleur settings Sticking out tongue

good luck with it, if you need help give us a shout

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On my old Mongoose I spent 20-30 dollars having the wheels' axles shimmed by the LBS so that they were a drop-in fit so that I didn't have to fluff around wiht changing DR settings when changing wheels. Was worth the hassle and $$ to do up front, because having to muck aroound tuning DRs every time you swap wheels kinda defeats the purpose of having separate road and off-road wheelsets.

I got real lucky with my Dales - the XT centrelock hub on my road wheelset is a perfect substitute for all my other Mavic wheelsets - they're all interchangeable and no tuning of DRs or alignment of brake calipers is needed. I run the same model cassette across all my wheels, which helps.

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Yep, it started driving me nuts having to adjust calipers, and the mech adjustment 4 odd times a week...

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