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Wanted: 2nd Hand: Adjustable Seat Post

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By Noel - Posted on 08 October 2010

Looking at adjustable seatposts. I'm thinking they are the kind of thing people might try and find they don't like.

Anybody keen to sell a 2nd hand adjustable seat post? 30.9, but have to check.

I've read 100 reviews on the 6-8 different types available.

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There were a couple of Rotorburn not long ago. Also check out ebay.

I've got a Joplin (the 3" one) on my Norco and love it! I don't have the remote for it, and I wish I did. The lever under the seat is a bit of a pain, only because you need a bit of fore thought and plan your attack, rather than getting to something that requires it and having to take your hand off the bars at the last minute. Get's a bit sketchy.

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