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Lost Phone & Multi Tool in Cascades

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By Vandelay - Posted on 09 October 2010

Went for a ride today (Saturday 9/10) in the arvo about 3-5pm and my bloody saddle bag opened up somewhere between the start and finish. It had a Old Nokia (Pre-paid sim-card) and a fantastic Park multi tool. I'd really like to get both of them back (especially the multi tool) so if anyone finds either of them please PM me.

I rode from Phillip Rd fire trail through to Kitchner Rd and into the Cascades at the end of Kitchner and then basically did the 4 gates. Final bit was past the the Quarry Track gate and past the pump station back up to Kitchner and Phillip Rd.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I'm thinking about taking a spin out there tomorrow - will keep an eye out.

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Thanks hawkeye.

No ideas on location unfortunately....The saddle bag was closed when I started and the next time I looked at was at the end of the ride.

The one positive is that it gives me the perfect reason for back to back rides when I try to clear it with the leader of the opposition.

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A phone, anyway.

There was a Nokia left on the post late this afternoon at the head of the Cascades Trail near Acron Oval where it meets Douglas St.

We left it in place as we were not 100% sure it was yours (I couldn't remember the phone brand). Should still be there.

No sign of the tool, I'm sorry.

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Got it back, thanks heaps for that. I feel the urge to make some sort of comment about you having eyes like a hawk, but I'm going to restrain myself from making bad jokes.

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haha - I can't take the blame for that, unfortunately. My riding buddy jacojoco was the one who spotted it.

As an aside, he also saved me from running over a beautiful glossy green/black diamond python later on. I thought it was a stick and I'd probably have crushed it just behind the head if he hadn't called out to me to stop. Hopefully he'll post the photo a little later.

Glad you got the phone back.

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