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Motorbike riders not all good!

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By Ivo - Posted on 13 October 2010

Went for a ride last Sunday at Menai just like every other Sunday. As we got to the bottom of the down hill section we crossed 3 motor bike riders, stopped and seemed friendly enough. Before they took off one asked "if we go through here you reckon we'd ruin your pushy track?" we replied saying yes, you most definately will. They then took off and whilst riding up the hill spun their back wheels up the hill anyway, one tried riding over one of the jumps and got his back wheel caught ripping the track up even more as he wasnt going anywhere. We went back up the hill to ride back down the down hill section and we crossed one of them, some words were exchanged after he started talking shit saying that they also have the right to ride there and that us push bike riders go and put all these jumps there and they could get hurt on them. They should've been on the Heathcote side anyway.

When we got back to the bottom of the down hill section they were still at the top of the hill, when they took off one sat there for a good minute just spinning his back wheel before taking off. We have video footage of them tearing up the track just didnt get the rego plates, but will most definately be on the lookout for them next time.

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Please... call these what they are - motorbikes. Most people who don't ride/know the culture do not know the difference between a mountain bike/trail bike/MX bike/dirt bike/etc. and lump them together. Thus mountain bikes get blamed for a lot of damage motorbikes do and this is a major block to trail access issues we have.

Mountain bikes == Good. Human powered. Have pedals. Lightweight. Quiet. Healthy.
Motor bikes == Bad. have an engine (of any kind - petrol or electric, makes no difference). Heavy. Noisy.

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"put all these jumps there and they could get hurt on them"

Sounds like we need more jumps then, and bigger ones too.

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Ironically I think 80% of the damage that was done around Oxford Falls causing it to close down was probably motor bikes too.

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Putting aside natural erosion, ie rain, wind etc. I'd say it's more like 85-90% of the damage.

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I guess it's like anything... you only notice the w*nkers. I'm sure there is a large and healthy community of motorbike riders who have the up most respect for the environment they pass through... And in the same way we couldn't do half the trails we do without an internal combustion engine to get us to the start line, they can't conduct their sport without their relatively small engines to help them along.

I suggest rather than plotting against them wholesale, we appeal to the good law abiding motor bike community to help them eradicate these bad apples that will bring the early demise of their hobby.

Or you could just smack em next time you see them. Either or.

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It's being ruined more each time i go out there.....they're wrecking it for us.....and the signs say NO MOTORBIKES.

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Any way of submitting the vid to NPWS?

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I think we should report any illegal activity such as this ASAP to the relevant land holder for two reasons:

- so that MTB riders don't get blamed (and we are also seen as responsible users)

- so the land holder can gather intelligence on the problems and possibly catch them in the future

I know that NPWS have been appreciative of our efforts at Yellomundee RP in helping to stamp out illegal dumping/motor bikes/pig hunters/etc.

Ray Rice
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Once again the solution is legal trails. I was at Pine creek a couple of weeks ago and parts were completely destroyed by trail bikes. At Cows with Guns next door, they have built the trails so the trail bikes cant enter them, they put "filter" at key points winding through trees. This plus discussions with trail bike groups and the problem is controllable. The outcome is less erosion and impact. Its a shame Menai couldnt be built this way using imba principles.

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As I work in the motor bike industry and have done for 30 years I have found most of the descent people who ride off road motorbikes do not go to places like Menai,mostly the people who boast of riding at menai are usually young groups of people with bad attitudes and a total disregard for the environment and disrespect of other people,so if you ever think of confronting motor bike riders at menai be very careful as some haye a gang mentality and could be nasty.

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I love the stealth entry into Cows with Guns from Pine Creek

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my solution to moto's is to regulate them like guns!.That is.1:must be a member of an off road racing club.2:compete in at least 4 races a year & 3:only to be sold to someone who is a member of an offroad racing club!!!-but it is 2 bigger $ to do this now.

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joining a gun club might be a better idea? Eye-wink


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RobbieO, much like the present ineffective, ill conceived gun laws that would only work for those who are going to obey the law, and I would propose they are probably not the ones out there doing the damage in the first place. Eye-wink

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I will never forget the sight of a motorbike ripping out about a 15 cm deep hole in about 3 seconds of wheel spinning at oxford falls.

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I was up at Coffs Harbour in the holidays and just loved the flowy cows trails, very fast, lots of fun and oh so smooth. But after quite a few laps I was looking for a link trail to Pine Creek. How can I do this?

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