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My new Evo

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By BM Epic - Posted on 15 October 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well this is the stumpy evo, thanks to all at bike minded for a massive effort in securing this rarest of beasts, also to Cillian, Simon, Aubry and Tristan for putting in a massive effort in building up such quality!

2011 Stumpy Evo
Fox forks
Fox rear shock
Lots of Sram etc.
One custom part is the xtr pedals!

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Now how are you going to take that out into the mud in this weather? Looks really super slick. Where you going to ride it first and christen it?

Andy and I were discussing it today and wondering what the chain guide is for with a dual ring setup?

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Grose head tomorrow and then blue gum and then do some old high school track with blkfoz after!
It is meant to be a trail/ light downhill bike, hence the chain guide!

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Saw it yesterday at the shop

I'm a maybe for tomorrow Todd - pretty definite really
Unless I get on it too hard tonight

Need to escape the cold for a while
Can you ride in shorts down there?
Just finished snowing/ heavy sleeting up here
0.4 degrees atm - mmmm toasty

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Dunno about up there but it sure is warm in this here fire station!

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Real nice Todd!

It's sunny and very windy down here. Just did a lap of Knapsack and it was okay in there. 16°C here now, but with a bit wind chill.

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OMG we'll never keep up with you down bee nest now

Nice one Dood ... I wanna Bounce Smiling

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When are you next riding? I wouldn't mind getting a look at that puppy in the flesh! Definitely looks like a tasty beast, I bet you're proud as punch Smiling

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Sunday is looking free as a bird!..any suggestions?..G/Brook?, Scribblies?,

moggio's picture

Sunday is looking wet, but I will probably be up at Scribblies with Andy in the morning if he has a bike again.

BM Epic's picture

I will be in contact!

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What time do you think you might get out there Mog?

moggio's picture

Probably 8:30am... I guess will depend on the weather.. may be there Sat morning too.

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Look at the pics again - are they the new XTR pedals (M-980's)? If so I gotta have a look!

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Yeah thats them Gub, they are so firm and snug it aint funny, i absolutely love xtr pedals!

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