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A tasty pole

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By Rob - Posted on 21 October 2010

Given plans for an Ikea bike pole fell through I went for one of these. It's called a Velo Cache and made by Feedback Sports - the same guys that make those awesome red anodised workshop stands. Cost a fair bit more but doesn't need to wedge between floor and roof and has a quality feel and look you'd expect from these guys.

Happy to report this is another great design so was easy to assemble and very solid. The arms can be moved up and down independently very quickly - given this, perhaps I should level Cervelo out, eh? Eye-wink

Clearly this only has lightweight bikes on it (the MTBs are tougher and are on more industrial storage elsewhere) but I've seen reviews with 4 heavier bikes on this stand and lots of good reports.

One of the cool things is that you can get an expansion kit which consists of another leg and 2 more sets of arms. You move the legs to stand in a cross shape and put the arms on the other side of the pole. I've also got one of those for future use Eye-wink

Very happy, highly recommended Smiling

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I was expecting something like this:

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Not sure which tasty pole i prefer.Which ever one has MTB's i guess.

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