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Injury - Dirtworks 2007

pikey's picture

By pikey - Posted on 07 May 2007

Bruce's grazed thigh!

Stuart M's picture

Or do you wax to go with the pink lycra look?

Bruce's picture

I had three GU gels stuffed in the leg of my shorts so they took most of the impact & even luckier they didn't burst Smiling

alchemist's picture

I had a high speed crash in a race out at Alice Springs which exploded a Gu in my knicks pocket. A freind who was not far behind me when it happend nearly fainted when she saw all the "blood" on my leg - Gu & red dust.

Paul's picture

I won't ask why you had three gel packs stuffed in your pants - it wasn't that cold was it?

Little-Ditty's picture

... is always ready for action Eye-wink But he sometimes struggles to get the packet open

shano's picture

your not shaving far enough up your legs there Bruce..

Little-Ditty's picture

Classic one there Shane. Look at that! I wonder if Bruce likes a brazili... Freaky.

Stuart M's picture

Liam, I'm glad he can't get the packet open, its very sticky when he does

Shane, looking at the "shark attack" photo, I'm thinking that's about where the natural hair line stops anyway.

And Liam again, I'm beginning to wonder which one of the two of you really does wear pink, you are thinking about that way too much for my liking, but his team mate on the other hand.......

Sorry Rush girl, you can hit me later

Bruce's picture

too sleep deprived to come back with anything, living on 4 hours sleep per night for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Damn the tour!

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