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STOLEN - 2009 Black Ano Yeti 575

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By Alexd - Posted on 26 October 2010

Bike: 2009 Ano Black Yeti 575
Kit: Mavic 819's, XT Hubs, 426 Fork and RP23 Shock etc.

From Ryde..anyone happens to see one turn up on ebay please let me know.

Very sad Sad

But it does let me comment on NRMA. Amazing, amazing amazing service from them. Sensible process, nice and genuinely concerned people.

Bike was name on the insurance policy.

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will look out for you , that is all I do these days look on ebay , post it on rotorburn too

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Easy to do and saves you having to check every day - it'll email you if any matches come up. You can also do it in Google and limit to Aus for sale as an example. Long shot but you never know.....

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They need their balls cutting off!!!

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Copper from Auburn phone me last night at 10.35 PM bright as a button asking for a photo as he had "15 bikes here".

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