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29er tyre selection

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By Scottboy - Posted on 26 October 2010

I know alot of us still out there are riding 26'' wheels but those on the bigger wheelset offroad , what is your preference ? 26'' I was running Ignitor , Crossmark combo

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My bike (Fisher Paragon) came with Bontrager XDX, which are a bit average. Plus they wear really really quickly.

I've bought some Bontrager Jones ACX (bl00dy hard to source) which are great for those muddy events (the tyres quite narrow with massive nobbles so it cuts through the soft mud into the good stuff:

Oh and they are supposed to be tubeless ready, but know that my lbs failed to get these tubeless.

I'm currently running and highly recommend these Panaracer Rampage:

Hard wearing, great(!) grip front and back and most of all, they're directional, so no more getting on the bike the wrong way round!

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i tend to buy what is going cheap. Maxis crossmark at the moment. Have some tioga's ready to go, but the maxis hold on and have lasted well.

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This may cause a ruckus – but I currently have small block 8s (came stock on the bike) and would not get them again. They do not feel that ‘fast’ (yep could be the wheels or rider) They are noisy as all hell – good for overtaking carbon riding roadies as that really gets their goat – but noise equals energy... and to finish it all off I think they lose grip very early in the braking process. I agree that could be as much about my braking style (hard and late is a frequent combination) but I have had other tires that hold it together better.

All that said many love them, just I am not one of them.

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Currently running maxxis ignitors f&r setup tubeless. Smiling Sealed up easily, very light (under 600g each) and hang on well - not too bad in the wet either. Would recommend them for price and performance. Have heard that the conti speed king is the go if you want to race but can buy two ignitors for every one conti.

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