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By - Posted on 26 October 2010

Sunday, 7 November, 2010 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
SMS/PM me before to confirm.
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Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

4Km SW of Wingello village on Caoura Rd there's a small base camp within the forest - seems as good a place as any.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Last chance to ride the singletrack sections of the fling before the big day.

Aim is to complete some laps of the singletrack with minimal time on the fire trail.

All welcome, not just fling entrants. The tracks at Wingello are great and every rider should experience them. At least the first lap will be "no drop" and after that we will try and get some pace.

I will look to be at the old bike shoppe in Bundanoon at 08:00 for a coffeee and depart at 08:30, so anyone not familiar with the meeting point can meet there.

Who's in?
CROMERBOY,, brakeburner, craked
CROMERBOY brakeburner craked
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craked's picture

sounds like a good idea ,allthough i'm not doing the fling would still be fun ride to do.

craked's picture

I'm in for this ride will be at the trail start area at 8.30 see you there ,I will be in green falcon wagon.

brakeburner's picture

i'll meet at the bike shop tho, will be good to have a quick look and grab a coffee, see you there at 8!

CROMERBOY's picture

I'm in too and definately need coffee so will meet at shop.

craked's picture

well if everyones going for coffee (and breaky) i'll join in for that, see youall at Bundernoon at 8!

brakeburner's picture

just seen that ye olde bike shoppe, doesn't open until 9 on sunday?

CROMERBOY's picture

Surely there is somewhere in Bundanoon that sells coffee at 8am?
We can loiter out the front of the bike shop & meet up - that is once we've found coffee.

Scottboy's picture

on the same side near the staion they might be open

craked's picture

opens at 7.30 am on sunday ,I've had coffee there before pretty good, is also closer to trailhead

CROMERBOY's picture

How's all this rain effect the Wingello trails? Is this still a go?

craked's picture

looks like Wingello has had only light falls of rain friday and sat so it is most likely OK and tomorrow is predicted to be sunny with a late shower .

Scottboy's picture

He says it is went underfoot at his place , it gets very muddy there ,oh well it is a training ride after all have fun's picture

been out and missed the comments.. southern highlands has missed heavy rain so although we could cop some drizzle it should be pretty good, Looks like we are meeting outside the olde bike shoppe. I will be in a blue passat see you there, cheers, Al

brakeburner's picture

nice to know what were in for next week,great company, tracks in top condition and good luck to all who are doing the fling!

craked's picture

yeah was a good ride ,just the right amount of moisture in the ground to firm up the sandy bits and only a few small pudles, the single track sections were in great nic and flowed nicely.Steve spotted a brown snake crossing the single track, I just saw his tail as he took off into the scrub . Appart from the three dudes on motorbikes who we kept coming across (once going backwards up the single track)was a top morning ride.
Thanks to Al for posting it was a great idea . Smiling

CROMERBOY's picture

Thanks for the ride yesterday guys. I loved the single track, pity about having to do the grind up the firetrails first though. Not sure who was more scared me or the snake - thumbs up to my elixr brakes for pulling me up before running over the snake double thumbs up for Craig not crashing into me and sending me into the snake. Next time we ride this I don't think will be as much fun or as fast! Good luck for the Fling guys.'s picture

thanks for the ride everyone, and at 48 km not a bad hit. Good to know the singletrack and get an idea of what the firetrail is like, but also just great fun. just the thing to get in the right frame of mind

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