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Bike Lane at Sydney Olympic Park - 1 of 3

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By hawkeye - Posted on 30 October 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

It seems like drivers around SOP seem to regard bike lanes as their own personal parking space. He (presuming) has left himself more space to the kerb than he has for the cyclist in the bike lane. Buses and coaches roar through here frequently. Anyone for cyclist sandwich?

This shot taken 6:30pm 28/10/10 at Rider Blvd Rhodes, between Shoreline Dr and Jean Wailes Ave heading northbound.

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Can you pass this onto the RTA or someone?

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I checked this out again tonight on the way home, and noticed something rather interesting.

I had missed seeing it earlier, but someone has actually *removed* the signs that say "bike lane" (there were only a couple) at each end of Rider Blvd. So that means the use of these 'lanes' by cyclists is not compulsory, and technically there's no actual offense involved here by the car drivers either, except for parking more than 1 metre from the kerb.

It would be better if Council could obliterate the bike symbols - it would remove any confusion. Car drivers aren't going to know nor care about the technicalities, they see the bike symbol so they're still going to think that's where we belong and some will take that as licence to bully soemone on a bike.

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