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2011 Yeti 575 - (thanks and review tbd)

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By Alexd - Posted on 11 November 2010

Firstly big thanks to City Bike Depot and PureYeti aka Mr Rowney. You just don't expect that level of service. Amazing. Serious effort to get my bike in time for my week off up the coast riding ourimbah/awaba/glenrock etc every day post bike thievery.

Wait for trail tested update coming very soon ! Hopefully i will bond with my black mistress like I did with my old one )

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Have fun!

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Brad ( aka Fankles ) was up rather late one night this week building the wheels for your bike!

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Nice bike! - have a friend in the market for a new bike, 575 or ASR5 are on his list. What does yours weigh? (he's keen on the ASR5 cos it's so light, but i think the 575 or pivot mach 5.7 would be a better match for him)
If you're heading up the coast just keep going north till you find the best trails at Kiwarrak!

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I have a ASR5C carbon with the pro build and it weighs about 11kg's, I could get it lighter as well with full carbon crankset and lighter wheels I think.

Personally I love the 5, it demolishes technical climbs at Ourimbah like they are going out of fashion.

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I have an ASR5C from CBD and they are both great. Weighs 10.4 kg with XX. Super smooth bike, I 've had mine now for 6 months.

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or is it a replacement from the one that was stolen

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It's the new replacement.

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Were you at Cascades Saturday AM ? Bike looks familiar.

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Yep, its the replacement. So now is the review. Unfortunately the week and a bit of riding everyday fell through due to a nice stack, that also meant I wasn't at the cascades Laughing out loud However..

2cent Review
The bike feels amazing. It feels perfect in pretty much every way.. Everything that I noticed as weaker areas about the last bike has been improved.

Im not enough of a guru to know why but the geometry felt very different. The 150mm fork as opposed to my old 130mm contributes, but the bottom bracket location is noticeably different. In short the forward rear balance felt totally perfect in every situation. I would constantly struggle to get weight right when railing corners, trying to get weight over the front wheel. Not now, when i tuck into a corner i feel like I am one with the bike..OHMMMM.

Forks/Front End
Long forks, plusher then the old revelations..amazing. But what i really noticed was going fast through sketchy/twisty/rocky/eroded trail.

I did notice the longer fork made steep climbs a bit harder, o well !

Rear End
12mm rear axle, the stronger rear triangle. Wow. Helped for the cornering, it tracked like an angel. Instead of the back wheel loosing it in fits and starts when your pushing the edge of your grip when cornering on rougher terrain, you get lots of smaller very controlled slips/skips. Basically super improved real wheel tracking.

Also, ALOT more confidence with jumping off stuff, landings, bombing rough trails.

Running Gear
Well, the faster tyre/new chain/cassette/hubs etc effect may have just overwhelmed me but i really feel like im wasting about 5% less power due to improvements over the old yeti. In truth hard to isolate bits.

In general, the bike is so amazing and i just cant believe it. While some of the improvements just reflects general tech improvements I don't really care. This bike is simply stunning.

PS. Went of a steep dj hip high double first day with confidence inspiring, never done anything like that before !

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Also, thanks Fankles ! and havnt weighed it yet but will let you know.

If i was 70kg instead of 100 would definatley be looking at the 5. At my weight i want it strong Laughing out loud

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How do you find the tyres? As this new one has Nobby Nics and the previous was Kenda Nevegals.

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Hi mate,

Yeah only got a quick ride on them but they were fantastic in the dry. Faster rolling and pretty much close to grippy as the nev's but as soon as it got wet or I hit gravel I was quite alarmed at their lack of grip.

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