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By Whisperer - Posted on 14 November 2010

Re: This ride meeting: 
2010 Highland Fling
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Full/Male/Super Masters
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The fling this year was billed as the best thing since slice bread.
Lots of new single track, some virgin for the event. Relentless hills, and really hot.

I was aiming for a 6 hr finish, but had a horrendous night's sleep. Sleeping in my car, it had filled up with about 23,000 bugs, and I was devoured through the night, finally getting to broken sleep around 2am. Up at 5:45 for breakfast, and I knew I wasn't going to be in prime condition.

Being short on sleep, my heart rate was sitting at 84% of max average up to the 50km point. I'd planned on keeping it down around 80%, but just couldn't do it. The cramps started to twinge around then, and by the 2nd transition at around 85km I was toast.
Fortunately Logan an PJ came along and put the pressure on to finish. We rode off together and shared PJs homeopathic 'stop cramp' remedy, as they were getting the twinges too. Andy slowed down a bit so we could keep together, but I could see I was holding him and PJ back, so urged them to finish at their own pace.
The last few kay's were pretty hard, (read excruciating), and the end was such a relief.
After slowing for the last section, finally got my heartrate down to 82% of max as the average for the race (156)
Happy though, expected a mid-field finish, but ended up 6th out of 37 starters in my category.
As always, great to see the Mob down there. Lots of good stories, fun the night before, and great seeing how everyone went.

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found it tough. the heat meant cramps were basically inevitable. i got mine with 20kmish to go so just had to nurse it back.

i also decided to make it a 120km fling - taking a wrong turn in the wineries stage meant adding another 8km and 18min onto my time!

congrats on the 6th.

PS. were you really in supermasters?

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Had my 50th last month, and in a whole new class!
I guess I'm racing the 'really mature' riders now... Smiling

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It was tough tough tough out there today. My sub 6hr went out of the window. My 6.20 from last year went out of the window.

Congrats on 6th, I feel like I was 666th!

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Well done Whisperer,
intersested with you heart rates mine allways seems to be in the high 86% of max as the average for a race, eg this year i did the dirtworks 50klm with average of 87% of max for 3:40 of rideing and was wondering what other riders average was.

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86% as well, check my profile from the ride at the Fling, tried to keep it down in the 80% area which I suceeded in doing for the first half of the race.

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so do you think its normal to ride in the high 80s for most people

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Awesome result Steve, 6th is a super great position to come in. I felt for you guys when I saw the temp down there.

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I am envious of all these people with excellent times but who were looking for better. I guess it's all about what you expect of yourself but well done nonetheless, some really great times and results.

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My edge thinks it reached 36 on that last lap.
btw 6th sounds much more rewarding than my 69th.

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I think mine clocked 39c at one point which I find hard to believe, but yeah wouldnt have surprised me that it got up to 35.

I dunno ps, 69 is a good number Laughing out loud

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You never know with the temp on the Garmin as they take a while to adjust however it could have been one of the times you waited for us.

69 is a good number but I feel I have to save Rob the trouble and make some comment about this being a family site. Then again it could tempt him to comment as he must be sitting back somewhere watching these blog entries and pinning for hot days, cramps, more cramps and a touch of heat exhaustion.

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