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Dirtworks Classic 2011

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By Logan - Posted on 15 November 2010

Sunday, 1 May, 2011 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road
Ride Database Entry: 
Womerah Range
Meeting Point: 

St Albans, NSW

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The Dirt Works Classic is regarded as one of Australia's most challenging mountain bike endurance races, consistently inspiring all entrants to push their personal boundaries

The course follows the historic Convict Trail through the Dharug and Yengo National Parks. The mix of fast fire trail, technical single track, rocky descents, and spectacular ridgeline views is unmatched by any other MTB event. The Dirt Works Classic starts and finishes in the historic township of St. Albans and competitors can choose between the full "Century of Dirt" and the 50km course.

Who's in?
Heckler, Whisperer, Lach, akk, GAZZA, scottyB, Steve 01, D-on, Nick R, Brian, linco, philberesford, Chitts, jdb, Dibbler, woftt, Danielvn, obmal, Steve C, CROMERBOY, Antsonline, loki, ADtheglorious, Sinkes, king_nelly, Fatboy, boaty, Trev, tate, cambo, Ray, ae93gti, daveh, Azzking, skibum72, CharlieB, ben.archer, ps, armo, Tommy, Floydo, Faber (42 riders)
Heckler Whisperer Lach akk GAZZA scottyB Steve 01 D-on Nick R Brian linco philberesford Chitts jdb Dibbler woftt Danielvn obmal Steve C CROMERBOY Antsonline loki ADtheglorious Sinkes king_nelly Fatboy boaty Trev tate cambo Ray ae93gti daveh Azzking skibum72 CharlieB ben.archer ps armo Tommy Floydo Faber
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Lach A bit soft (and the track was as well) Finished 02:49:25 222 50km Male Super Masters 28
Antsonline Dirtworks Finished 04:15:00 5 100km Male Elite 5
tate Dirtworks Finished 04:41:20 18 100km Male Veteran 2
Nick R Chain suck sucks Finished 05:29:04 105 100km Male Masters 24
ps Dirtworks Finished 05:33:27 116 100km Male Masters 28
doc DW100 2011 Finished 05:40:58 141 100km Male Masters 37
Fatboy My Dirtworks 2011 Finished 06:05:45 216 100km Male Masters 64
Brian 2011 DW100 Finished 06:27:49 282 100km Male Veteran 106
philberesford 3rd time a charm - Just your average Joe Finished 06:36:35 308 100km Male Veteran 120
Buck Buck's no training training regime Finished 07:36:20 461 100km Male Open 41
obmal DNF.. what else can you say> Did not finish 100km Male Veteran

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Lach's picture

Did you guys win free entries or something? Still a coupe of weeks until it opens AFAIK?

Brian's picture

No, just intend on doing it.

Logan's picture

Have intentions of being near a PC when entries open, after the Fling yesterday I am keen!

brakeburner's picture

it's only Monday,might give it a month or so till i decide!!!

brakeburner's picture

decision made, i'm in, and i'll train for it and i'll smash the six hour mark!
he says!

armo's picture

I am IN !! I have to finish the 100klm this will be the 4th atempt made the 50klm last year just after more bad, luck burst appendix 3 weeks before event

Logan's picture

I suspect it will sell out pretty quickly as well.

Danielvn's picture

My entry is in! 150 days (give or take a few less for rainy weather) left to train.

brakeburner's picture

i am officially in! just got to keep my word about the six hour barrier!

philberesford's picture

Fully paid up and ready to roll

Brian's picture

I'm in.

CROMERBOY's picture

I'm in.

brakeburner's picture

nice work steve!

obmal's picture

A walk in the park compared to the fling.

Logan's picture

and will be aiming for sub 6 hours as welll.

Bring it!

philberesford's picture

that never ending climb up the Womerah range

daveh's picture

CROMERBOY, standing there at the end of the Fling I heard you saying that was it, no more of these things for you and you sounded so sure of yourself! That lasted about as long as my initial thoughts that "I've done a 100km now, probably don't need to do that again"....I have my tickets, as does Jason.

A few more mega-loops before this one I hope....!

Brian's picture

This is a nice loop

CROMERBOY's picture

What this space

obmal's picture

Sure the last 20 or so are painful, but I'm never forgetting the roller coaster in reverse followed by that grassy hill.

ae93gti's picture

Well, for better or worse, I am attempting my first 100km.
Have no idea what to expect or what to do, but will spend some time working out how to.
Happy to have a goal now too!
Definitely in it to complete and have some fun!

Brian's picture

100km sold out

Logan's picture

Hows the training going boys?

I am revising my target down to a sub 5 hour for the 100 now, there you go, putting it out there.

Brian's picture

Considering I've done 30kms in the last two weeks I would say my training is not going so good. At this rate I'll be happy beating my last years time of 7 hours 32 minutes Smiling

philberesford's picture

3rd time lucky. Determined to not let Womerah get the better of me again this year. I swear it's only the thought of Jacks Track that keeps me pedalling Smiling

ae93gti's picture

To finish before it gets dark will be nice.

First 100km so will be interesting and can't even begin to speculate on time.

Training going ok (I think!) time will tell......

GAZZA's picture

Got just under 5 last year and was hoping to knock 15/20 mins off that this year but a lapse in form and a low carb detox could put a damper on that!!!

ps's picture

Andy, after finishing 5, 20 and 15 mins behind you in the last few races I plan to finish within 10 minutes of you in this race.

That does mean I am relying on you to go under 4:50.

Logan's picture

are going to be as follows, try and get to the first climb quickly with the elite/real quick boys if possible and then basically eat stem and hold on with them for as long as possible.

I figure if I can get in a quick group that will help.

ps's picture

The elite guys go in their own wave. The first group after the elites got to the start of the climb last year with an average speed of around 32k.

Logan's picture

That sounds about right.

brakeburner's picture

.............downhill! ha

i have said under six so i'm sticking to it!
thinking it's optimistic tho.

Logan's picture

Nah, for the speed on the road to the first climb. I should be able to mix it up with those boys fairly easily I reckon.

Antsonline's picture

Start lists are up and available.

Sometimes - I wish I was born a woman!
(although the way things are going recently, I'd crash and my missus would beat me)


Logan's picture

Is pretty much a who's who in the zoo for NSW and Australian XCM Racing really.

One thing I am surprised about the amount of Vet Males entries compared to Open Males, there is literally double.

Fatboy's picture

@antsonline - even keeping the bike wheels down you will have to go hard to beat Jenny. She's in great form!

@Logan - so many vets because all us old bastards don't want to face the fact we are accelerating towards retirement so we race bikes and have young girlfriends ...

philberesford's picture
One thing I am surprised about the amount of Vet Males entries compared to Open Males, there is literally double.

It's not helped by the fact that the classify a 'veteran' as anyone over 30 in this event. Which is pretty much the entire field. Except for you young whippets. I first entered this event at the tender age of 33, young I thought, oh no, not according to these guys, they say I'm a veteran. Mildly insulting? A little. The sad truth however is I'm not getting any younger or faster Sad

Brian's picture

So with the weather forecast for this week its looking interesting for Sunday?

Sinkes's picture

After 3 weeks of sitting on the couch of recovery from a accident with a car. I'm just happy to be riding again! I will start in the last wave and enjoy the ride, maybe even pick up a few lost gels on the way. Eye-wink
My lung compacity feels like only 70%, so i guess i'll be walking the hills and strolling the flats. Time wise for the event would be est. at 7.5 - 8 hr,
that would be nice achievement.
Anyone who's not looking to set any records this weekend and is keen for a riding companion, just give me shout.
To everyone else who's been training and looking to do a PB.....good luck and stay RSD.
See you all at the finish line.

Lach's picture

From the Dirtworks 100 website (today 28 April 2011) --

"Latest Track Status
1st May 2011

Despite all the rain the track is in good condition and the event will proceed as planned.

We do not envisage any track changes to be needed even if the current rain continues.

Based on the current track conditions we would suggest a more aggressive tyre grip and a new set of brake pads as there is static water on the course.

However the majority of the course is draining well as it is sandstone or sand based."

Brian's picture

I'll be keeping my crossmarks (front & rear) on

Buck's picture

Well we did the Sydney 24 at Del Rio Resort (located at the ferry crossing) 2 years ago and a set of brakes lasted 1-2 laps!

I think I will be packing two sets just in case. Wet sand, standing water filled with sand........hmmm this is going to be expensive.

After the Capital Punishment mudfest a year ago I had to replace brake pads, rotors, bottom bracket, cables, chain etc. Anything that moved basically!

Logan's picture

A fresh set on and a backup as well, or run sintered pads if you can. The sand and water will chew through the pads very quickly.

Brian's picture

I've only got organics Sad

philberesford's picture

I've only got sintered Smiling

Antsonline's picture

This thread is a classic!

I'm gonna put it out there that I dont reckon in the first 28km you will more than gently 'dash' the brakes.
The next 5km is the same really.
Sure, when you get to the rocky descents in the 40-45km section of the track, there will be some breaking, but you are on rocks then - rather than sand - so your brakes should have cleaned themselves a bit.

50km water point will come and go, and the big, and frankly only concerted braking section of the race is the GNR tech bit and Shepherds Gully.
The only other times you will use brakes is the BIG descent at the end (and frankly that is where I am scared - the front wheel will be skating everywhere down there in the slippery mud on the lower steep bit) and then stopping over the finish line.
Its a ridiculously fast 'not much braking' course. The group training ride will have done more damage to bikes coz there would have been loads of stopping and not riding full gas - lots of time on the brakes.
I dont think it will be at all like Cap Pun was in 2010 as there just isnt that much braking.

That being said, I'm running brand new organics, with another set of organics in my saddle bag. If you do this - be sure to take an emery board to the fresh ones in the saddle bag before you pack them - to ensure they are 'worn in' and dont go onto your bike fresh - they will last twice as long if so.
Also - for racer freaks out there worried about time - if you run SRAM / Avid - take off that little 'C' ring before the start of the race - its a nightmare when its wet and muddy (Damn it - should have kept that one to myself.....)

Excited? Much!!

Logan's picture

The only sections where you will use the brakes are the tech sections and Shepards Gully, we effectively rode that part twice on the training ride to total 50km and I know our brakes were toast on the way back for the vast majority of us, but we did a double run. Also there was a fair amount of stopping involved as well.

Matt_B's picture

the puddles were 'linked' in the training ride and I think most of the sand came home in my socks,
the race will be drier, faster and for sure less brake used Evil
(says he not racing)

philberesford's picture

I'm having quite a laugh too. I'm with you Ants.

Sure I don't doubt you boys ate through a shops worth of pads on Monday but I'm convinced that come race day pad wear will be quite 'normal'. It is a fast and low braking race, even along the techy GNR section, pick the right line and you shouldn't need to brake much. Shepherd's is probably the biggest braking section. Jacks Track (the last big descent) doesn't need much breaking, just open up, sit back, relax and hang loose and you'll only need a hard dab or two before the left hander and again at the end before the road.

But just in case I'm entirely wrong I'm going to stick fresh pads in and take those that I take out with me as insurance. Also going to put some new rubber on the rear.

philberesford's picture

You're not racing Matt? Shame.

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