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By flubberghusted - Posted on 29 November 2010

**Barbie voiceover**
To your right, you will see our native animals in action.... Robbie Deans coaching the Wallabies
And to your left, you will see our .... BLOODY. FRICKIN. AWESOME. MTB. PARK!!

Sorry, cannot contain my excitement when we leave for Rotorua this weekend but just wanting to gauge if there is anybody out there that would be there at the same time to show us around this beast of a park.

I'll put a ride notice shortly but we're riding on Sunday 6th Dec at 9am and meeting at the visitors centre at Long Mile rd.
Although there is a race event on so I'm not sure whether it affects other riders and closes all trails. Does it??

Also given so many mobbers have been, some travel tips and places to go/see around the area would be sooper!
We going to Whirinaki and Taupo as well over the week.

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Mate, you're going to love it!

Don't worry too much about a guide... trails everywhere... just take the map and ride them all Smiling

One thing to remember is they are logging the forest right now which means there is no access to a handful of trails. I'm sure all the local bike stores will have details and signs will be up.

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Rob's right everything is well signposted so get a map and explore a bit. We were lucky to have a local guide but there are some trails definitely worth riding such as Split Enz, Corners, Billy T etc.

On the day we got there we rode the lower trails around Rotorua and then climbed up and did Split Enz and Pondy New on the Saturday afternoon.

We used the shuttle van (about AU$8 per ride vs 25 minute climb but it only runs on weekends until about 3.30pm) on the Sunday morning to do all the top trails such as Huckleberry Hound, Corners, Little Red Riding Huck, Billy T, G-Rock, Rollercoaster etc.

We also went to Taupo (Craters of the Moon) on Sunday afternoon and Moerangi Track / Whirinaki Forest on the Monday using jailhouse shuttles. Both great places to ride and very different riding to Rotorua.

Some of the guys then rode Tuesday morning in Rotorua - Be Rude Not 2, Hot X Buns, Gunna Gotta etc where they said there was a bit of logging which meant they had to vary things a little to get around the logging. Flew out Tuesday arvo.

Some more details here

You'll love it

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Thanks fellas. I'm giggling like a skool girl right now in anticipation.

Saw the logging updates and one section of rollercoaster is closed and chestnut link and no brains also.
Lets hope they aint the supremo of all trails.

Race events only affect certain sections right?

Anywhere else we can visit outside of MTB?
Was thinking about some fishing n hunting n I saw that schweeb thing too! - This doesnt count to MTBing NZ! Eye-wink

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Here's a few ideas

Polynesian Spa to relax after a day of riding

alternatively Kerosene Creek which is free but 35kms drive away

Skyline Luge for more adrenalin

Check out this article that was in AMB magazine which lists rides and other activities

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Thanks for the links fellas... the AMB itinerary looks mighty fine and we'll prolly follow most of it.

All packed and horrifyingly, our rigs all boxed up came to 25kg alone...

Just curiously, what were the airlines approach to the bikes as luggage allowance?
We're flying Emirates into Auckland with 30kg total and flying out with Air NZ with 23kg total.

Air NZ sounded pretty standard with 50% off any excess but I've known some check in chicks to shrug their shoulders and say "yeah whatever" and point us to oversize luggage area and not count the sporting equipment. This is with skis mind you, I havent done mtb rigs before and with different airlines.
Emirates, I dunno what their approach is and likewise with Air NZ??

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Generally Air NZ are very good with this sort of thing as are Emirates.

The Pray & Fly airlines Tiger / Jetstar etc... make a significant proportion of their income from selling add ons, and it is a stated business aim of RyanAir in Europe to get to a status where the flight is free, you will be billed for everything you use on the way - hence they enforce baggage limits remorselessly.

However the with proper airlines it all seems to depend on the girls behind the check-in desks. I have been told to repack bags and remove weight just to go straight to another check-in desk and be let through before now....

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