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brakeburner did it ...!

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By VC - Posted on 29 November 2010

craked's picture

that looks scarey Dan, gutsy stuff Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

is that the top of the downhill course?

brakeburner's picture

steepest roll down so far, i think it's at the top of the downhill Gazza but one of the locals will have to confirm.

Scottboy's picture

That is cool I like that shot

obmal's picture

looks like the western section of the no name single that meets up with rim ride.. if I'm correct then that photo makes it look easier (a lot easier) than it is.

herzog's picture

Big stones!

Lach's picture

on the roll out area, but he looks like he's about to get a water bladder in the back of the head.... Smiling

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