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Capital Punishment Entries Open

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By Brian - Posted on 08 December 2010

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After the last few miserable MTB events AROC Sports have organised (Angry Dr and Capital Punishment 2010) I'll not be giving them any more of my hard earned $$$.

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I'll be going to Mogo in 2011 regardless of what happened this year. I just need to make sure I don't slacken off through winter like I did last year Eye-wink

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The events of the Angry Doctor are somewhat outside of their control imo, so I will be sorting an entry for this, once my company decide when they want to host this weekend long team building thingy.

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I'm not sure AROC organised 100mm of rain or 80km an hour once in a generation winds..

I've heard about the Doctor & sounds like they could have reacted a bit better, but what was wrong with Capital Punishment except that we had the choice to ride in the rain and get muddy or stay at home?

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I am sorry but BOO HOO philberesford. How can AROC be held responsible for the wind or rain??

I raced Capital Punishment and loved it and have entered to do it next year.

I just raced Newtons Nation in the mud and loved it. I raced Thredbo nationals DH at the begining of the year in the mud and it was the best race of the year.

The promoter cant be held responsible for the weather. In saying that AROC have changed the month Capital Punishment is held it to try and get a dry race. I think they ran a very good race.

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By bad weather in the past but thats the joy of doing an outdoor sport , take the good with the bad .
I am in for my first 100k race with this one too .

I was at last years 50k Cap Punish and had a ( costly ) blast , and also at The ( very ) Angry Doctor but still have no issues with AROC .......Read the fine print people , weather happens !!!

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I never said they were responsible for the weather. I don't enjoy their events and the way they handled the Doctor this year was the straw that broke my back. So I've decided not to enter any more.

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For the Angry Doctor the only issue I had is they should have just sent a mass SMS cancelling it at 6am so we could all make other arrangements.

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I think Capital Punishment has the potential to be the best race on the NSW (well ACT) calendar. Despite the bad weather and the feared damage to some great trails last time I really enjoyed this race. I'll probably be even slower than last year due to practically zero training after just becoming a dad but I'll still give it a go - ticket booked.

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A mountain bike race across a capital city is such a dumb idea.

If i wanted crossings of main roads and 30min untimed road sections id enter a road race or a time trial.

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Was going to skip this one but I guess I can't knock or praise it without giving it a go, LadyToast's endorsement also has me curious. After convincing one of the owners of the place I work to go in it, I can't pike out on him!

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People have signed up already.

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Bring it on!

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