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Dealing with Sweaty Clothes after Morning Ride

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By Logan - Posted on 09 December 2010

So I have been riding into work for a while now, however the recent temperatures in the morning have started to pose a interesting problem. I sweat a lot when I ride in and go through almost a litre of fluid an hour if its hot, which is posing me two significant issues currently when riding in which are:

1. my nicks and shirt are normally pretty drenched when I get in, so getting them dry is a slight issue

2. the biggest problem is if I get them dry they tend to smell so I am reluctant to hang them out to dry in the office as we dont have any lockers or anything so its difficult to put them somewhere it wont cause issue etc.

Anyone have any recommendations for getting round this one? Can I use something like fabreeze or something?

We are moving office within the next 12 months and looking for offices with proper shower and storage facilities and bike parking etc but for the mean time this is causing a bit of a issue.

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Where do you shower and can you leave things there?

I am lucky in so are as we built a shower room in the corner of the office when we moved in but it is still in the corner of the office and there are a few people who like to run at lunch, ride to work, etc. and I feel for the person who sits closest to the shower room. We tend to leave the exhaust fan on and shut the door but without that luxury I think we would each need to join a gym just to have a shower and probably leave stuff ina locker there.

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Can you hang em on your bike? That's what I do.

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Um, get a job with CBA at Sydney Olympic Park?

The bike garage and facilities there are awesome.

Sorry, that wasn't really that helpful was it? Sad

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The last couple days have been extra sweaty.. we have a few commuting folks at work and although we have showers, it kinda sucks putting on (or being within smelling range of the rider(s)) the smelly riding gear for the trip home, can't hang them in the office (for obvious reasons). I was thinking of asking the building manager about putting a drying cage/locker in the car park..?
Other than that its a plastic bag and smelly wet gear for me..

or perhaps Elma Fudd

De wast coupwe days have been extwa sweaty.. we have a few commuting fowks at wowk and awthough we have showews, it kinda sucks putting on (ow being within smewwing wange of the widew(s)) the smewwy widing geaw fow the twip home, can't hang them in the office (fow obvious weasons). I was thinking of asking the buiwding managew about putting a dwying cage/wockew in the caw pawk..?
Othew than that its a pwastic bag and smewwy wet geaw fow me..

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Yeah... just take a coat hanger or two and hang your gear in the carpark from anything suitable (pipes, handles, chain link fence, etc). If you take a wire coat hanger to turn into a hook you can easily make one stay in chain link or most other things by bending it a bit. When it's hot find that drying happens pretty quick, even in a car park.

In the office I've also found if you hang gear where there's loads of airflow (find where your A/C ducts run) then it dries quicker and smells less.

Please tell me that although you've no-where to store this gear you do have somewhere to shower!! Eye-wink

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The building my office is in, has a shower so there isnt a problem there, however it is a communal shower used by the whole building not just our floor which is annoying. The other issue is I have to keep my bike in the UBS Building which is two blocks from my office so I cant really use that, again cause our building doesnt have dedicated bike parking. Although it does have car parking...

Might try the air con trick, see what happens there.

Anyone had any of their clothes nicked from hanging it downstairs in the car park?

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Anyone had any of their clothes nicked from hanging it downstairs in the car park?

Who the hell would steal sweaty sports gear?! Barf!

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someone might

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um bet my office facilities are better . . . . . . and security bike parking tooooooo I Love my Job .

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some lowlife would pinch your sweaty gear just to p!$$ u off .I work in a workshop so I can hang my gear where I like no one cares because the petrol and degreaser smell overpowers my nicks!

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Dedicated showers, huge computer room which is well air conditioned and makes a great bike storage area, still never nice putting on riding gear that you've worn in the morning. You definitely
need a good draft!

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dries clothes out very quickly

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.... I hang my stuff under the desk and bought a desk fan from the local hardware store on Pitt st. Dries the stuff out in about an hour. I face the fan away from me so that any odour goes to my colleagues.... I see it as a just punishment for those who commute on buses, in trains, and in cars and who dare to mock my lycra-clad lovliness Smiling

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... well, I suppose you'd need them more than I Eye-wink

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I assume like most of us you have a selection of riding attire, I just took a fresh set of clothing for the ride home & did a wash every second-third day when I was able to ride to work.


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Who'd - the question I did ponder once! - mine merino gear _disappeared_ from the shower room at previous work place where I forgot them for few hours.. however, being merino they were not that sweaty/smelly.. =)

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