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Ourimbah Practice Laps

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By Logan - Posted on 12 January 2011

Note that this ride is Cancelled.
Saturday, 15 January, 2011 - 11:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Ourimbah State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Enter via Red Hill Rd, Ourimbah State Forest. On your right will be 'TreeTops' for the kids and it's large-ish carpark. Carry on past there and the first small clearing which is were parking used to be, and is where the 'Browns' single track turns (you might see riders on your left here). Please do not park in this car park.

Parking and official trail head is now designated a further 350m or so up the road where there is a larger area. There's a CCOMTB notice board here by the trail entrance (on the left as you drive up the hill). Park up nose to curb or as directed.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Going up on Sat to put in some practice laps, I will be riding quickish I expect to try and get some race pace practice in.

Looking to complete 4 laps.

Who's in?
Logan, davids
Logan davids
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You mentioned "race pace" . I am an inermedeiate level rider, but it will be 1st time at Ourimbah - seeking some navigation advice. Still OK to join?

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would of loved to but got prior engagements. it does feel like other parts of my life are interfering with my biking!!

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Yeah no problems mate, happy to give a lap to show you the route etc, its fairly well marked so once I have showed you around once you should be ok.

Lol Dan, yeah clearly mate, although some may say I have my priorties in the wrong order the amount of racing I have planned this season....

brakeburner's picture

racing is the new rock and roll!

Brian's picture

I would join you but I can only scum for the next week or two Sad

Hop fiend's picture

has fallen on this track?-does it handle the rain?-might be up for a spin as I would like to learn this track.

Logan's picture

Think its been pretty dry up there...

scottyB's picture

Im in. Was planning on doing a few races at ourimbah this year so some practise will be needed.
About how fast are you planning the laps to be? Just trying to gauge if I will be able to keep up or not

Brian's picture

3.5hrs for 4 laps is around the 50 minute mark per lap. At least the weather forecast is a nice cool day Eye-wink

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I know when I was up there last I was dehydrated to all hell (Had been drinking the night before), it was 30c and 100% humidty and racing in the 6 Hour and was doing 40min laps, I will be looking to go harder than that if possible.

I dont mind waiting for people, at the end of laps etc that isnt a issue, so yeah dont be put off about the speed, also I wont be entirely fresh legged as I would of done about 90k's on the road bike in the morning as well.

Brian's picture

If you're seriously wanting to test yourself there then I would skip the road ride in the morning.

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Are you planning on racing B grade? if so you would be wanting to do a 30-31min lap taking meadows short, I was looking at the times from last year and that would put you mid field in B grade. Lots of really tight racing which is so much fun! Hopefully see you at a race or two up there this season.

Logan's picture

Not sure about what Grade I will put myself in, what course was used in the 6 Hour, was that longer? I think racing in B Grade is going to be better for me because it will be more challenging and will push myself harder I think. What do you think? I was thinking I might put myself in C Grade and see how I go on the first race, then potentially move myself up to B at the next race depending on how I go.

@ Brian

Nah, wont miss my road ride for anything. Its all good training imo. If I can put fast laps in fatigued then thats all the better.

Supagav's picture

The lap times for a 6hr enduro are a lot slower than for a XC type race thus the difference in times.
I reckon you HAVE to race B grade. C grade will be over all to fast only 2 laps where as B grade tend to do 3 laps.
Just for reference I was over 5mins a lap slower at enduro pace over XC pace.

Logan's picture

Prolly best for me to do that anyway as it will challenge me more, I want to ride quicker so this will be the best way.

scottyB's picture

I cant make this ride any more. maybe next time, have fun

ar_junkie's picture

@Logan - B grade for you mate... Sticking out tongue

Discodan's picture

If I'm putting myself in C grade there's no way I want the likes of Logan in there. I need to maintain some shred of dignity after all. For the record I'm entering C grade more because of the distance than my skill level, 1 lap just seems a bit too quick

Brian's picture

When I do my first club race at Awaba I will be entering based on the number of laps and not the pace. I will probably enter the grade that does 3 laps as I think they do a shorter lap then Ourimbah.

Logan's picture

Cheers mate I appreciate that lol.

B Grade it is!

Logan's picture

I am cancelling this, I just got absolutely drenched on the Road bike, really dont fancy getting soaked again.

Sorry for the late notice.

Brian's picture

So are you road riding tomorrow?

Logan's picture

Other plans today.

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