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freaky snake!

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By mikethebike - Posted on 13 January 2011

Went for a burn on perimeter and long last night and came across this thing spread across the track near the school

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The Bandy Bandy is found in all types of habitat. It is usually found during the day under cover or on mild nights moving around above the ground surface. Its preferred night surface activity temperature appears to be 22'C, around Sydney. When caught this snake is usually nervous, knotting itself around one's hand like a worm snake (Typhlopidae), although it rarely attempts to bite. The venom is of little consequence to humans. If suddenly alarmed this snake may flatten its body and elevated parts in loops in a bluff display. This display position can be maintained for some time. (Originally published in 1991 in Litteratura Serpentium (Journal of the European Snake Society) in Vol. 11, no's 3-6, pp. 56-67, 78-87, 101-113, 125-130.)

Nice pic too.

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only talking to a bloke at work about them the other day-hpoefully one day I'll get to see a Bandy Bandy on the trails somewhere

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Banded Sea Snake! Sticking out tongue

Cool snake though. Never seen one of those around before.

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I believe its a very rare nocturnal inland stripey cobra... Legend has it that if you see one at night time and take its photo, you will at some point in the near future go OTB.... They came about after a daddy long legs mated with a boa constrictor in the paint section of Bunnings Belrose. They are comonly referred to as a Bandy Bandy - not because of the bands of colour, but because after you go OTB, you impulsively start yelling "I need a Bandy Bandy Bandage...."

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LOL! Laughing out loud

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Ahahahahaha - I love that snake and its story!!

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They are an awesome looking snake. I saw one of them recently at night up on the Long Track, so not far away from there.

Great photo!

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Saw an awesome shimmery metallic green juvenile python crossing a path at the Artilliery School yesterday afternoon. Unlike the last python we saw at Cascades, this little one was moving fast.

Too fast to take a photo, anyway. Smiling

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... but not as freaky as the Brown crossing the track only 30cm from my foot yesterday afternoon up on Duck Holes...

THAT sure got the heart rate up!

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Had a frill neck lizard come out of nowhere and race me to the perimiter first creek last week. Scared the hell out of me. I guess he wanted water as bad as me.

Love that Bandy Bandy!

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Sure it wasn't an eastern water dragon? You don't tent to get Frill Necks this far south

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THAT sure got the heart rate up!

LOL! I'm sure it did! Smiling

Don't keep us in suspenders ... what did you do?

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What did I do??

Screamed like a girl, stopped about 20m up the track, pointed him out to my mate who had ridden past also, changed underwear, then got the feck out of there!!

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I believe you are right - or maybe it was a frill neck in drag?

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