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Cycling in the News?

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By Rob - Posted on 23 January 2011

Sorry if this is vaguely related to road riding, but it's also a comment on the media and what interest (or lack there of) they have in cycling.

This weeks TDU (Tour Down Under) has seen a number of Aussie youngsters shine at what is a Pro Tour event. There were surely a number of incredible talents on show this week that we'll see much more of in the future.

To set the scene, 5 of the top 10 finishers were Aussie, with our guys placing first, second, fourth, ninth and tenth.

So I was curious as to what the press would make of this and checked out the SMH. Have a look at their page from 9pm this evening. It includes such headlines as:

  • Tour de France Live Coverage - only 6 months late (or is that early?).
  • Tour de France 09 Video- Yes you read that right... the latest from 2009!
  • Contador wins, Cavendish flies Video... 6 months out of date again.
  • Oh, and "Meyer ready to give all"... even though team Sky saved him in the end (slightly TIC - doesn't take away from a fantastic effort from Meyer and team Garmin Cervelo) and the result was known hours ago.

Does anyone else also wonder why the Sydney public doesn't respect cyclists if their local paper doesn't even bother to shout out about Australian success on the world scene? Sad

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I was at the cricket last night and in-between falling asleep and checking Facebook I mentioned that Australia had 5 of the top 10 riders with some really strong talent coming to the forefront and he didn't really make any mention of it.

Press don't care of it isn't Rugby, League, Swimming or Tennis. Also the SMH are deluded about what makes good and bad press.

Personally I think it's amazing that Australia has so many good strong riders, even Uni demonstrated they could match it with the big boys.

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Part of the problem is that road cycling is so heavily tainted by repeated drug revelations.

A lot of the public has been burned too many times by supporting an athlete who has done well, only to find later that they were fully juiced up.

I remember watching the TDF the year that Floyd Landis won. I was really getting into it, especially when he made a superhuman come-back on the second last leg. Thought the guy was a legend.

Then we find out it was all a scam. There are numerous similar examples.

It will take a while before they get me back.

Been watching the DH Ski Racing World Cup on Eurosport lately. Now that's a sport. One dude hit 149kph at last weeks race.

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it was in Adelaide.

Adelaide get's such a raw deal. It's amazing any news makes it out of there at all.

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