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Random DH and other pics of mine from NZ

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By muzza_t - Posted on 12 February 2011

Hope you don't mind a few pics from across the ditch, I haven't been to a DH event or track in OZ yet to update my collection.

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Some great shots there, look like you had a good time!


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WoW, amazing photos! Looks like some saw riders!

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Great pics. Love the A over T. Smiling

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... only just "got" the kiwifruit in your user profile pic. Duh! Smiling

Nice pics!

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some great pics there. captured the OTB perfectly. what sort of bike is the third shot from the bottom ? looks very different ....

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Where abouts are these taken?

One looks like Lake Wanaka in the background?? If so, is it the Snow Farm (can't remember if you can see the lake from up there)

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from N.Z with internal gearbox if I remember correctly with carbon fibre frame!

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Yea Robbie is spot on, it's a Lahar, kiwi made beast, not sure what came of it, these pics were from the 07 National Series. A bit old I must admit, I was going thru some files looking for something and thought I'd share.

The pic with the lake in the back ground was taken at Treble Cone, Wanaka. The wicked OTB was taken in Dunedin, that was actually the days TQ rider on his race run, needless to say he didn't win but he did ride out to the finish....after he climbed back up out of the creek bed which was a good 3-4 metres below him in mid flight. Luckily it was all over grown so made for a softer landing. If you look at his front wheel he has just demo'd an old rotten tree stump.
The other pics were taken at Coronet Peak, a sweet flowing track, heaps of air all the way down. They run the annual Brake Burner race there as well, 6hrs of DH, chair lift up, ride down over and over .

The top 3 pics are from 7mile in Queenstown, a nice place to take the XC bike for a bit of fun, good flowing tracks downhill with some techie bits, if you ever get to ride in NZ, Queenstown and surroundings is the place to go.

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