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Sooo close but no cigar

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By pancakes - Posted on 21 February 2011

21 Feb 11

Time is from the parkway entrance. Not quite sub 40 mins, but within striking distance.

I really thought the new light weight perforated undies would give me the edge. Shocked

2nd lap was 43:25, so overall pretty happy.

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Great work to do 2 laps! Especially after you have pushed yourself for the first one. You will get below 40 next week i reckon....

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Don't know if it will happen next week, but it will happen. Maybe I need some Pantene???

The time form the Dam to home was one of the slowest ever, lol.

Forgot the splits...(danielschipper's format):

Parkway to the creek; ~2 minutes
Top of Heart Break hill; ?...trying to stay conscious and upright
Top of single trail; 10:30 ish
Hydro lab; 18:15 ish
School; ?...breathe...breathe...
Golf Course; ~ 31:15
Back to Parkway; 40:50

Think I'll go for a burn around Terrey Hills thursday morning. Black flash, which are the flatter rides up there you suggested in the other thread?

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The Perimeter/Long trail is mostly flat. Yes there is the odd hill or 3, but out of 22kms, hills account for around 400 metres. The Duck Holes/ Centre Track loop is much more up and down - but makes for a great inclusion to help build the cardio fitness.
A little bit of hill training might help too - epsecially to get you up Heartbreak hill without the need to 1 - get off and walk, 2 cough up a lung at the top, 3 have enough left in the lungs/legs to keep on moving once you have made it.
As i said tho - most of the time you can make up is along the "easy" bits ie firetrails, sealed roads etc. Dont try to tackle the technical bits too fast just yet. Get your technique, your lines and then your confidence first.

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I really should get up there and ride somewhere different.

As for the training aspect...I want the results without the effort, lol.

Anywhere I'm gravity assisted I'm happy with the pace. Technique is somewhat lacking but happy to go hard(ish). Could always go quicker, however.

It's the parts where I'm fighting gravity that are the issue. Eye-wink

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If you want to play with gravity Cascades 4 gates is great. Couple of fast runs into the Vally and some serious climbs. If I'm ever to get close to 30 minutes at the Dam 4 gates will get me there

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I used to ride the cascades more than the dam, but have been having more fun on the single track at the dam of late.

Really should face up to the gates again...probably do me the world of good. Eye-wink

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Yeah once Quarry becomes do-able Heart Break at the Dam is just a blip on the radar....

Have to say that I do also like perimeter & Long trail. Have only ridden twice, and haven't done a time attack yet, but is a good ride without the massive climbs you get at cascades.

Tossing up between Terry Hills and Manly Dam this Saturday morning....

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There is nothing like a little bit of technical stuff thrown in to give you a real workout. We rode at Ourimbah yesterday and having to think a little more, get out of the seat, accelerate out of twisty corners and also up and over a few rocks gives you a workout that is just so different than going all out on a firetrail and especially going all out on the road.

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