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GNR Fun (was Mini DW)

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By Rob - Posted on 04 June 2007

Saturday, 28 July, 2007 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road
Meeting Point: 

Wisemans Ferry. Meet on this side of the East ferry. Park near little shop close to the ferry crossing.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Slight change of plan...

Not many people put up their hand for a Mini DW (read: "epic") and after a bit of chat on recent rides, and the fact distance events are over for a while we decided to tone this one down a bit. The new route becomes:

Meet Wisemans Ferry. Cross on East Ferry. Ride up Devines Hill (see below).

Decision 1: Ride down then up Shepherds Gully... votes on the day win Eye-wink Think ahead (see Decision 2) before voting Eye-wink

Ride the 'main event' - brilliant technical trail to junction with Western Commission Track.

Decision 2a: Ride down Western Commission Track. Quiet a dull firetrail, but the blast to the bottom at the Southern end is magic. 3.5Km road ride back to start.


Decision 2b: Turn round and ride all the way back where we came, down Shepherds Gully and back to the start. This involves 9Km road ride back to the beginning. Riding back down Devines Hill is not an option (see below).

Devines Hill

The information on this area at NPWS is here: The Old Great North Road - Walking or cycling the route. The only point of contention on this route is that I know there is a sign top of Devines Hill that states no cycling. I will assume this is because it would be a bit hazardous to ride down, and hence propose we ride up it only. It's a well maintained, pretty smooth surface and riding up should present no problems at all. Update: Hmmmm... I spoke to NPWS, they have a silly rule about no riding on this hill in either direction. It's to do with a walker being hit by a rider and nothing to do with the trail condition, erosion, etc, etc. Options will be walk up here, or walk up Finches Line, or ride 9Km on the road then up Shepherds Gully (probably the best choice). Grrrr.

Sorry if you were hanging out for the distance. Good news here though... is that we still can do that original route some other time Smiling

Who's in?
Rob, Heckler, evan, Little-Ditty, leopafe, Gilbo, Steve 01, Carlgroover, nate (9 riders)
Rob Heckler evan Little-Ditty leopafe Gilbo Steve 01 Carlgroover nate
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evan's picture

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Bruce's picture

We dont have to ride down shepherds gully, much safer going up Smiling well for me anyway.
See you there.

shano's picture

Time to go to work...65km sounds sweet!

Little-Ditty's picture

I will be in on this... if the weather proves acceptable. I will be trying to avoid riding in the rain, only 1 week out from Coffs.

Rob's picture

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Rob's picture

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ar_junkie's picture

So do we have a date for this one yet or is going to remain the 28th?

Bruce's picture

Sorry guys but I wont be in attendance, Have fun.

Rob's picture

Are we all still good for this?

Caro's picture

Please? Eye-wink

evan's picture

Changing the date to 21st doesn't bother me. Happy to go either day.


Rob's picture

Sorry, I have some festivities planned 20th that will not be conducive to a quick ride the next morning Eye-wink

We can shove it back again if you like, although this is the sort of ride you don't want too large a group along on, so maybe it's for the best? Sticking out tongue

Caro's picture

Next time Smiling

Rob's picture

Evan... are you still in for the 28th then? And I see Gilbo originally put up his hand, still with us? Click the star guys Smiling

Happy to report GNR was nice and dry (well, some standing water, but not much) from the ride yesterday. Looking forward to riding it with someone who won't push me over!

Little-Ditty's picture

I am in.

Rob, I have an evening bash to go to on Sat, so need to be away from there by mid afternoon. I assume 4.5 hous will be enough?


evan's picture

I'll be there Smiling


wilkss's picture

Rob, now that I've seen the comment about riding without the benefit of someone that can test your vertical stability, I feel it necessary to come along and assist....

Rob's picture

Luckily, Wilkss... this is a late starting Saturday ride, which I know you are adverse to. Plus, I will be riding the Rush so you won't be anywhere close anyhow Sticking out tongue

arpit's picture

I'm in, provided that my knee isn't sore then. It's been sore for the last couple of weeks when mountainbiking. I'll have to rest it I guess.

Approximately how many KM will be be doing?

I take it the pace will be slower than the originally planned ride?

Rob's picture

Hi Arpit... been a while! I would imagine this ride will still be 30Ks+ with a couple of big (200m vertical+) climbs. Plus the undulation of the general trail.

If you don't know GNR then it's probably not the best place to test an injury out, there's quiet a lot of technical stuff that needs good strength to get over.

Sorry, but wouldn't want to see you in the wilderness (which it is) not feeling so good!

Gary's picture

Really bummed about having to pull out of this ride but am under chiros orders not to ride for a bit.
Have a great ride

shano's picture

Shocked ...working this Saturday...have a good one guys!

Gilbo's picture

im still in, see you all there..


leopafe's picture

I’ll be there if the weather helps, as this seems a good test for my new baby with more technical stuff, specially knowing where you are going (last weekend’s Blue Mts epic was really fun and demanding, but I think knowing the way is a little better).



arpit's picture

Yeah, I'm pulling out - knee a bit sore after sprinting after everyone on the night ride Smiling

Heckler's picture

Looking forward to it,Pub after ?

tienster's picture

Have fun

Rob's picture

If there was ever a day to shout about to someone who doesn't ride a bike around Sydney... this was it:

Great trails, top riding company, glorious weather... the perfect day's riding! Smiling

Profile is here:

Rob's picture
arpit's picture

Nice photos mate!

The riding looks great. I can't wait to check out the route sometime!

Peter R's picture

and a big thanks to Evan for the magic recovery potion, and Rob for the fab photos.


Little-Ditty's picture

What more can you say about the GNR? I'll avoid writing up a total review of the day. As I would probably just run out of superlatives - the trails are that good. I was told that GNR was voted the second best XC trail (in NSW?), and you would have to believe it. These tracks are just so much fun.

For anyone that is partial to some of the more technical riding, this is the place for you. You just have to get up there with us next time. I just love it!!

Thanks to all for coming along and enjoying the day, I appreciated your company. We had a great group there. No real bike failures on the day, in 40 odd kays of riding, which was welcome news for a total of 12 riders. Hopefully see you out there again soon. (can't wait to do it again)

Steve - you are the man on Sheppard's Gully... I still can't believe how fast you can steer your mountain bike down that trail!! That is some seriously sick (err, good!) riding. You brought a smile to my face just watching you ride down that trail at speed. So, what do you do for an adrenaline rush then?? Sticking out tongue

Nice pics Rob. An especially good pic of Lee riding down that small downhill technical bit at the trail elbow (the one with the tree root in the middle). You captured the degree of difficulty quite well. Lee's face is the preverbial mask of concentration!!

And how did you manage to get so many pics of Peter then? He seems to be the photo slut of the day. Sticking out tongue

Can't wait to get back there.


evan's picture

Top track, perfect weather and great company, makes for an awesome day of MTBing.

Rob definitely on of your best MTB rides.
So when are we going back ???


Gilbo's picture

gotta love the GNR. That was heaps of fun..

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