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NoBMoB Jersey?

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By Rob - Posted on 05 June 2007

Some folk think we should have some jerseys made... a few designs have surfaced... what you think? Comments please. Shout if you love it and want one!

The slogans read, "Get NoBBeD" and "Have you been NoBBeD Lately?" LOL

These came from the templates on Scody if you want to have a go with colours, logos, whatever.

evan's picture

How about Template A with "Have you been NoBBeD Lately?"
Template A has my vote tho.


christine's picture

A for me! but I like Get Nobbed!

Bruce's picture

template "A" & get NoBBed for the slogan.

lorrie's picture

reminds me of the Holden racing team colours and i drive a Ford! but i do like template A.


Bernd's picture

Well done,
I'm with A and Get Nobbed.

Harry's picture

another vote for template A

shano's picture

I am liking template B, with the Get Nobbed slogan.. maybe this one might be better with a background in white?
thats my 2c worth

Caro's picture

Template A please with 'get nobbed'

(I am not even gonna ask if that actually means something!!) Eye-wink


Andy Bloot's picture

And too cool for school
I'm with A
And get nobbed

pikey's picture

Hydration packs you won't be able to read any words on our back!

Maybe the words can fit between the front straps of our packs?

Road riders don’t have this creative obstruction.


Tanya's picture

I like A and 'get nobbed' too.

pikey's picture

Template A but with the NoBMoB logo on one sleave and get Nobbed on the other?

What about sponsors names?(even if their not) that adds cred! One for each of the Brand bikes we ride.


ar_junkie's picture

The thought behind the slogan positioning is that if it's low enough it should be viewable with a pack on. It won't satisfy all cases as some ppl have bigger packs than others and/or hang lower and before this goes anywhere further, I'll stop there =;o).

As another option, do you want the slogan on the chest or arm?
IMHO, token sponsors make the jersey too busy, but I'll put something together for all to review.

I can only think of one brand worth putting on the jersey though, somewhere on the Left...

Shano - I'll do B in white...

Caro - I'll take this conversation offline... =;o)

Rob's picture

I think you'll find that if we use logos from people who don't want them there we'll get into trouble. I know, I know - who'll care? Some anal tw&t at some random race we'll all show at will and insist we destroy our team kit. Pooh!

Nah - save it for the real sponsors when they come. That can be jersey Mk II Eye-wink

Paul's picture

My vote is for "A" for pattern, because it has less black (absords less heat).

As for the cut, my personnal preference is for long sleeves (UV protection) and baggy (I would hate to be mistaken for a roadie).

Should the web address be included to attract like-minded souls.


Stuart M's picture

not roadies. Baggy is the way to go, particularly if you plan on riding with me!!

Little-Ditty's picture

It does look like the HRT design, doesn't it? Nice.

ar_junkie's picture

Mate, we need to talk...

Little-Ditty's picture

&^$*&#@ !! Sticking out tongue

Stuart M's picture

What happened to templates B and D from the first e-mail, these seemed to get the most support but haven't shown up here?

ar_junkie's picture

I got the original template (cheers Bruce) but wasn't part of the discussion that followed...
I'm more than happy to throw something together if you have an idea of colour schemes etc.

Template A & B appealed to me and chose colours to compliment the current NoBMoB logo but these are by no means final... I'm not sure how much flexibility we have with the shirt layout and the NoBMoB logo for that matter...

Buck's picture

Like template A also.
Get Nobbed also appeals to me.

MTY's picture

Looks pretty good. I'ld buy one.

pikey's picture

I would like to see our logo on the right sleave as well as our packs will cover the left breast logo.

Matt's picture

...if we're to have slaves! Or could it be you meant sleeves ;^}


Rob's picture

Hmmmmm... well... the thought did cross my mind that some might not like the 'NoBBeD' thing.

Do we all see this and think nothing of it, or does it not mean here what it does elsewhere (in pommie-land in particular?).

Can anyone think of any more subtle catch phrases? What's wrong with, "No rest for Evan!" Eye-wink

Stuart M's picture

I credit this to Pikey who said it to me on the Long Trail, even though he doesn't remember it.

evan's picture

Template A with "Get MoBBed"

Rob's picture

Ahhhh... Get MoBBeD is a bit more PC. I like.

How about this, BTW:

Get over it

Matt's picture

You really do have too much time on your hands! that graphic's great.


Andy Bloot's picture

That graphic's a classic

petulance's picture

over in Pommy Land. This is Strayla, mate ...


*ducks into laundry to retrieve a refreshing ale stored at room temperature*

evan's picture

The logo is awesome. Also, you do have to much time on your hand.


Caro's picture

Keep doing whatever you are doing Eye-wink

evan's picture

Has a decision been made on this ?


christine's picture

we only JUST ordered the normal t-shirts, i need a breather! sure Rob and Ali do too...

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