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The "Jedi"

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By goatman - Posted on 06 June 2007

The "jedi" at Red Hill. Taken with my camera phone!

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I love this shot because it really shoes of my lizard @rse pants. Funnily enough when I did this it actually felt like there was hand reaching out and touching me on the butt - a branch from the tree maybe?

If you look to the right bottom corner you can see Goatman's glove...

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...I took the bloody picture, it's Dans Glove!

jedijunglesnow's picture

The glove belongs to Dan Theamaan, forgot.

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I have been following this thread for a while now and quite frankly I have had enough of the lame Cannondale riders comments about lattes and the like. Who is this Jedi lad anyway, lets meet on the trail and see if his lizard a@se pants are real.

jedijunglesnow's picture

Hey Mr Bandicoote I like Cannondales and I really like a good latte, as do most of the people I spend my time at the cafe with. I don't see anything wrong with that.

What sort of bike do you ride then?

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You sound like a man with small hands. Cannondale's are made to be punished... not taken to the local milk bar

jedijunglesnow's picture

I don't have small hands - if I did I'd try and be ironic by riding a Giant!

Cannondales are like an expensive violin - you don't punish them, you use the correct technique and style and then create beautiful music together.

Although sadly I must say I do punish my Cannondale each time I ride it, I continue to ride it using this el cheapo rear shock...

Crash Bandicoot's picture

I'm feeling queezy... violins, latte's, lizard a@se pants, cheap rear shocks, what next... fish net body armour????

jedijunglesnow's picture

All good body armor is some kind of fishnet or mesh design.

However, I find the trick is to wear it with nothing over the top of it.

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but I ride a giant.

My Reign rides supreme over any Cannondale owned by their Latte sipping riders.
The only punishing you give your Cannondale would be the froth stains on the frame!
Bring on a trail challenge.
But please nothing harder than one lap of Centennial Park!
My lycra couldn’t stand it and I’m out of chaffing cream.

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