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So close to my target

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By Nath05 - Posted on 06 March 2011

6 Mar 11

Started from Wakehurst Parkway again, a big 4 minute improvement on my last try.
1:58 to the creek
5:03 to the top of heartbreak hill
18:30 to hydrolab
Forgot to check my watch for the rest.
My target was to get under 38 minutes for going to interschools at Thredbo but have now cancelled the idea going due to costs and lack of a team.

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Your splits are interesting. You must be quicker on the climbs than me as I'm slightly quicker to the top of HH and to the hydro lab. Looks like you'd leave me behind heading up to the golf course.

38:00 is my next goal after I get 40 out of the way...

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Yeh I was looking at your splits before, I came across some traffic going down to the lab that I slowed down for and I just didn't feel as fast and smooth as I normally do in that area as well. Ill try and get all my splits next time.

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See anyone on a Yeti wearing black and white kit?

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If you got slowed down then that's a pretty good time. I'll have to get you to tow me 'round a lap some time.

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Any time close to 40 and you're not mucking around...

I'm finding the splits really helpful... have been using them for the last month or so and have have taken 3 - 4 minutes out of my time. I'm using a Garmin 500 so can go back and review.

Might see you out there some time!

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Yeh Daniel I was just looking at your time at it tells me there is a lot of room for improvement to the top of heart break hill from the creek. I didnt get held up too much going from the single track down to the lab just a few dogs and I thought I heard a spoke break on my front tyre so I stopped for that. Just need to get some more strength and endurance.

danielschipper's picture before today I pushed like crazy...g to 3:30 to the top of heart break but had killed my legs for the rest of the ride.

Bit slower today but stronger for the rest.

My tactics for the next 2-3 weeks are to do 2 laps sub 40... the at the end of March go an all-in single lap attack!

Something starting with a 34 is the target!

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