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By Logan - Posted on 06 March 2011

6 Mar 11

Not a bad lap considering I was riding half blind due to the loss of a contact lense on the 1st lap. Climbed reasonably well and felt pretty happy with how I was riding as well. Can and will go quicker....

3rd lap on here:

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... and on the 3rd lap....

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How did you lose the lens?

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Keep up the good work, and i guess with full vision, that's worth another 30 sec!
I'll have to go out and 'trim' my time, what with you young blokes getting so dam fast.....

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My eye was watering so on one of the flatter sections I tried to just rub my eye and it popped out.

I am pretty confident I could get a 32 something. I lost a little time due to poor line choice on heartbreak hill and I am still struggling to nail that rock step up after the multiple rock step ups.

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surely got to do better with both eyes working!!

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