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By brakeburner - Posted on 09 March 2011

9 Mar 11

went for a spin today, not expecting much but the track has to be the driest, fastest and smoothest i've seen in a while so was happy to hit a new pb, still trying to shake a touch of the flu and that showed on the second lap aswell as that turned into a 39 min lap!!! proper died off!! so fitness is still a work in progress!

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what ever stain it is I need some.....

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Was trying the rebuilt hardtail out to get it ready for the Willo 75km.
Did a 29.48 of the Dam which I'm fairly happy about as I'm not as fit as last year and the Taurine is no where near as fast round the Dam as the Rize on which I did my P.B last year.
See you at the weekend mate!

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Are you usinga Garmin or similar that allows you to check times after your ride?

If so any chance you could put your splits in as below? I know fitness & strength is the way to get a better time but for me I also like to take a fairly technical approach... so the splits let me focus on where I need to improve and as each 'gate' designates a certain type of riding I can focus on improving that.... it's hills at the moment... and ability to push after a hill.

(if you start at Hydro just re-order the list)
Parkway to the creek;
Top of Heart Break hill;
Top of single trail; under
Hydro lab;
School (end of carpark);
Gold Course (road);
Back to Parkway;

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i suppose splits can only be seen by using the player?
if you cant use the player i'll write the splits for you later.

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