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Big improvement

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By Discodan - Posted on 11 March 2011

11 Mar 11

I went to a lap to try out the new brakes (upgraded from Juicy 7s to XT 775's) and thought I'd give it a fair nudge. The track was in perfect nick, nice and tacky, and the legs felt good so ended up taking 2:20 off my previous best logged lap so I'm well happy. Ironically I was going a fair bit faster so/because I used the brakes a lot less than normal but they seem to be a good improvement with lots of feel and power.

I haven't compared it to previous laps in detail but I certainly felt a lot faster on the flats and hills. I'll post up splits for Daniel since I know he's such a data weenie Smiling I start at Manly Vale primary so all times are from there

Golf Course; 6:31
To the crest before the downhill to the creek; 14:27
to the creek; 16:12
Top of Heart Break hill; 18:18
Top of single trail; 23:10
Hydro lab; 29:07
School; 31:19

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Dam, that's another position further down the ladder I go Sad

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Don't you just hate that when you get bumped down Sad

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It means I'm going to have to get of my lazy ar$e and do something about it. It has been a year since I last did a timed lap

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Hey I'm an IT nerd during the week. Guess it just in my nature.

Thanks for posting the splits. Helps me forget that my lungs are about to explode when I'm pushing for a time.

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I'm a recovering IT geek as well so I understand your pain

when I was doing the splits from your template I compared them to your 35m lap splits. On all of the descents, technical sections and up HB hill we are pretty evenly matched (+/- 10s). When I pull a gap is on the climbs, from memory particularly from the school to the golf club where it was about 3 minutes faster.

For the last few weeks I've been doing some longer distance rides (50-70km on the road) once a week to build endurance for Capital Punishment. I'm still pretty crap compared to most but it must be having an impact

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Don't get fit sitting on your arse in an office Eye-wink

Yeah hills are not my friend.... trying to build fitness but I only get a chance to ride once or twice per week. Have a gorgeous little 9 month old daughter so after a big week at work don't feel like being away from the family for the entire time.

Going to hit Terry Hills tomorrow morning around 6:30.. 20K's so a longish ride for me.... Might also get back to cascades for my mid week rides to get the strength up...

Aim is to go under 35... once I've done that will start riding a bit more for endurance... couple of laps, longer rides etc.

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Are you riding all the technical bits yet?

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I still push it up the two step ups at the top of the boardwalk up to the parkway (after the big rock and before you turn right and drop down to the rock-garden path). To be honest I don't even bother trying with them but I should have a go soon. Is it possible to just ride straight up that on a hardtail with the right technique?

Everything else I'm riding now which obviously makes things a fair bit faster. I can now zip down the roll-offs and drop-offs that either stopped or slowed me just a month ago which is just a confidence thing. I also setup my forks properly at the Jet Black which gives a lot more confidence, they were setup really stiff (which is how I like my motorbikes) but now they're using full travel and I've got the negative pressure right so they give much more compliance.

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