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Yet another OTB, Pic taken by Gary

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By Stuart M - Posted on 13 June 2007

Mid flight. Despite the obvious distortion to my front wheel I was good to continue riding, no permanent damage to the wheel at all. Did however almost sever my rear brake hydro hose squashed between my lights and the log. Thanks to the Doc for a little trail side bandaging to the hose and I was good to go.

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Well 5 rides after this, the last being the 50 at Coffs, I have discovered that me front axle had sheared in two. Pulled out the skewer to make packing the car easier for the journey home and when I got home from Coffs both sides of the locking nuts fell right out of the hub, each still attached to part of the axle.

I really should check my gear better after heavy falls (for me this is every fall). Gotta love the new Salsa Flip offs that held it all together that long.

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a great shot no matter how many times you see it!

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