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Get over it

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By Rob - Posted on 14 June 2007

NoBMoB... "Get over the name"


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I like it alot.

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Maybe you could put a blue squiggly line on the left side of the writing under the bike to represent the ocean and then the outline of a mountain (maybe even the Bahai Temple on the top of a hill) behind the front wheel of the right hand rider and you'd have your perfect "Northern Beaches" logo Smiling Go on you know you want to and we all know you have the time, besides you'll be getting paid while you do it!!

Excellent work mate, in the ords of Vivian, Brilliant!

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Eh? Who's paying? Artwork is all done at home don't you know?

FWIW, I had the idea yesterday and knocked the above up in 45 mins or so after work. Might have to take the proper camera out and get some high res shots of people & things to silhouette.

Your comments about mountain above and beach below are good, but don't want to make it too busy. The whole thing can go inside a ring of "Northern Beaches Mountain Biking" text.

Anyone else got any other ideas?

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I had heard you wanted the "ocean and mountains" added to the original logo.

I think the res is good enough, don't know if the printers will be able to get much better than that anyway.

Rather than the ring of text why not just leave it the way it is and have the site web address on the opposite sleeve (or is that sleave Matt, or maybe slave?)

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Our web address should be carried around by a marching band with a banner following us, a la blaxploitation spoof "I'm gonna git you sucka" (which is probably not quite as funny as I remember...)

((S)leaving it alone now...)

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I wouldn't add anythig else and I would even leave the "get over the name" thing out sounds like being embarassed about it. The 'Northern Beaches MTB' I think explains the 'Nobmob'.

What do you mean by putting the thing into a circle? Not like the old logo Sad no circle or square or sth around looks better imho...

Looks soo good!!!
have fun playing Smiling

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Is this for T-shirts or jerseys (or both)?

You could just go with the thread topic i.e. "Get over it..."
Since when were MTB-ers so conservative anyway? =;o)

If ya need a hand to clean the images just shout... the jagged edges do give it a rustic look which works...

Use it, don't use it...
Here's that other design I started playing with (still with the old tagline...)

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The t-shirt rep wants to know if we are ever going to decide on any of our shirts...namely these ones - he also mentioned that it's cheaper if we have white ones...sorry!!!


ps I like all of them!

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... cool.

I swear you guys have too much time on your hands.

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No fussed on the "Get over the name"
Perhaps just put in a line with the web address.
Thats best design yet!

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You've got to put Ku-ring-gai up there, eh?

Although I don't like white for jerseys, they might work on a Tee. This design is nice & simple, and you probably wouldn't even need the... erm... slogan. Use this as the back, put a small logo on the front breast and away you go?

For a jersey, graduated colours look cool. If you used my design and had yellow at the bottom, blue at the top, graduated to meet 2/3 down where the bottom of the NoBMoB of the logo would be (just above the pockets?), that'd be nice, eh? Jerseys are always wider at the top so there'd be space above the logo for a name/slogan.

You could have white/grey/green? panels under the arms perhaps? On the front maybe graduate blue with no yellow at the bottom (with no logo yellow bottom might look a bit odd I think) and a small logo on the breast + sleave/sieve?

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ar_junkie's picture

Or are you wanting to design it from scratch?
If I have interpreted the colour scheme you described correctly, it would look something like this..?

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LOL... yes, that's sort of what I was thinking.

Hmmmm... doesn't look quiet so nice as in my head Eye-wink Guess I was thinking the blue would go lower than that.

The blue is meant to signify 'Sky' and the yellow, 'Beach'. You don't have to use red text/logo as it doesn't seem to go, use your skill and judgement to improve on this any way you see fit.

By dropping the 'Get over it'?

We need to have a project meeting with colour swatches, delivery schedules and all the stakeholders involved!

Oh dear - time to go home Eye-wink

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