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Full length rear derailer cable

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By armo - Posted on 22 March 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Replaced old cable with full length XTR cable followed original path, used stick on cable guides and a bush on rocker link to keep cable away from shock body this also allows out cable to slide freely with sus movement stopping gost shifting

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Not bad but there's an easier path Eye-wink

That upper guide will come loose shortly I'd suspect too bud...

Full length is the ticket though...

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I have been useing the upper guide on shock link for the last 2 years to keep cable off the shock body so far no problems, thou the i think i should have put the last guide near derailer on the inside of seat stay as my heal goes close to it and there is a scratch on the stay from a previous far after 10 dusty rides and 2 wet rides everthing working good, it took 2 rides for the cable to bed in

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Hey bud... I was referring to the stick on guide on the top of the seat stay, may come loose over time. The small runner you put under the shock rocker is a neat idea. The Stock direction that the cable travels may not be the only way Eye-wink

Cheers good man...

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Thanks for your imput,yeh i think the stick on guides on the out side of seat stay are only temp if i decide to keep that set up i will look for something that attaches to the the original guides or just drill them out. I thought about going under the bottom bracket but did not like the idea of a cable hanging under bike waiting to get hooked on something or haveing a chain come of and damageing the cable. Its woking fine at the moment and you know what they say if it aint broken leave it alone

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