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Final Tee Design

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By Rob - Posted on 19 June 2007

OK people, here it is - the final design for the NoBMoB Tee. Biiiiig thanks to AR for this, great work.

Sizes available are apparently:

Chest (cm)93100107115122130137

Pricing is $7.50 for the garment + $4 each side printed (erm... that's two sides ;)) + GST. However, there's a $130 setup fee for the printing which has to be split across the whole order. For 20 shirts this comes to $24.20 each + P&P (shipping from QLD). Of course, the more orders, the cheaper that setup per shirt.

Please comment with size(s) and number(s) if you want one and I'll keep a running total and send off the order in a few days.

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Order is in...

Rob1 x L, 1 x XS
ar_junkie1 x M, 1 x S
evan2 x L
christine1 x S
shano1 x M
Harry1 x L
Tien2 x S
Liam1 x XL
Caro1 x S
Gilbo1 x M
Andy Bloot1 x M
9-lives1 x M
pikey1 x L, 1 x XS
Buck1 x M
Bruce1 x M
Stuart M2 x XL
Andrew1 x XL, 1 x S
Paul1 x XL

26 shirts = 22.55 each (+P&P)

Don't worry if you missed out, they can print up batches of 10 or more at any time. We can even think about different colours and all that.

Cool :)

ar_junkie's picture

1 x M
1 x S

Hmmm - XS Rob? You planning on turning your's into a lycra look-alike?

Soz - changed mine to a M & S

evan's picture

I'll take 2 x L


christine's picture

size small for me and
Gaz will like a medium...

george and mildred, sorry!

shano's picture

1xM for shano
thanks to everyone who has made this happen!

Harry's picture

Please could I have one as well - large

tienster's picture

small please


Little-Ditty's picture

Am I the only heavyweight in this field? 1 x XL please Laughing out loud Thanks Chris!

Caro's picture

They look great!
What colour are the T-shirts going to be? (white as above maybe Smiling?)

1x size S for me please!

ar_junkie's picture

They'll be as-is!

Rumour had it that a few ppl didn't like the black... =;o)

Gilbo's picture

looks great, i like the new design for the nobmob logo - great artwork all round.

put me down for a medium.


Andy Bloot's picture

A must have for any wardrobe
Put me down for 1 x medium

Matt's picture

Medium please. Is this a one off or will there be a stock somewhere?


Caro's picture

Very weired!! Eye-wink

Rob's picture

Erm.... Well, I think we... erm... I guess that means whoever is in charge - Christine! Eye-wink

Yes, 'we' should have a few extra in reserve. I'm sure someone will want one in the future. The one off fee for making the screens is just that. In the future you should be able to order more without that expense anyhow so it's not that big a deal.

And yes - I guess that means they can use the same patterns to print different colours in other runs if it was desired.

pikey's picture


1 x L for me
1 x XS for my son (who saw the site and asked for one) cool Eh!

How you guys doing this? Bank details?

Thanks Guys


Buck's picture

one Medium for me please Rob


Bruce's picture

you can put me down for a one medium.

thanks to all involved in getting these organised.

Stuart M's picture

So I've just thrown a tape around my man boobs and come up at 112cm but a large just doesn't seem right so I'm going to join Ditty in "The Mens Club"

Chalk me up for 2 x XL please.

Maybe a mute question but do you know if the cuffs at collar, arms and waist are the tight elastisied type like a "Bonds" T shirt or are they the more comfortable loose folded over type like the plain white T's you get at the markets? Just curious.

christine's picture

You know, on the odd occasion i visit the hairdressers I am always taken by surprise about how fussy men are about their hair cuts...going on about this side being a touch shorter etc - NOW I can't believe the questions you all have about these bloody t-shirts - are you girls or men!!!

MEEE Smiling

Stuart M's picture

look at what size I've ordered. Its just I'm a sensitive new age kinda man.

ar_junkie's picture

Will I look fat in these shirts?

Rob's picture

Dude, you'll look well phat in 'dem Eye-wink

Bruce's picture silky track suit material?

Rob's picture

Bruce, we all know when your head says, "Yellow" your heart wants "Pink".

You can't fool us Sticking out tongue

Andrew's picture

Count me in for one XL and one Small.

Paul's picture

I like room to move (and every man hates shrinkage)- count me in for an XL

olaf's picture


love to put an order in for 2 x XL for in the next batch. I guess this one order is gone and can't be changed.


Rob's picture

In case you missed the hint from Coffs the tees are here.

I'm in St Leonards if you'd like to collect, otherwise come out on a ride real soon - they will live in the back of the car Smiling

davis_jnr's picture

First Dibs on any Large T's not claimed... Smiling

Rob's picture

Erm... well, I think I know who ordered these, but they didn't come forward to grab 'em (or pay!) so we have 2 x small size of the first run to spare.

Please PM me if you want one, the ideal gift for any occasion! Eye-wink

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