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Kiwarrak State Forest Overnight MTB Trip

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By REIGN_1_RIDER - Posted on 29 April 2011

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Hey guys Im planning a over night trip to Kiwarrak state forest. Im wondering if there is a camping ground or somewhere to camp there? Also as i am going with only one friend, I was wondering if anyone out there would like to ride with us as we have never been there before and we would like someone to give us the royal tour... so to speak.
We are planning to head there on the 9th of may and stay until the 10th or the 11th weather permitting. If anyone is interested you can email me on or text me on 0423-315-305.

Cheers Cain

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we stayed at the Old Bar camping ground right on the beach ,all the facilitys you need and a 10 min drive to the tracks .Was a blast of a weekend your gunna love it ,we met up with local riders who gave us a grand tour very friendly blokes and good riders too!

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I missed the last one and still have this on the to do list - when are you thinking

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Nice ride Cain,
I hope i didn't slow you down too much Sticking out tongue
ride hard land soft

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there may be a Kiwarrak weekend in the pipeline ,stay tuned! Smiling

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@ craked, count me in.

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I'll be up over the Queen's Birthday long weekend, but have own accomodation organized.

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Well I made the 3.5hr trip to Taree to ride Kiwarrak, and i have to say what a ride. This place is amazing with track after track.
The first day I rode I went out with KAZ, what a champ showed me a heap of the forest even though he was sick with the flu, thanks KAZ Smiling. I think we did a bit over 11km of track, what a trooper. After the ride we where quite a site, mud everywhere but as i said to KAZ "its not MTB riding if its not in the mud".
On the second day i went back by myself, and spent almost 4 hours out there and did 29km of riding. In that whole time all i did was find new tracks and rode them (thanks to the mud map i was given). i found quite allot of obstacles but i didnt find the giant seesaw and this is the main thing i wanted to see... oh well another time i guess. I wish i could have stayed a little longer but i had to get back home and back to work.

To all those that have had a little to do with the construction of the Kiwarrak forest trails thankyou.

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on the trailed called "River"

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been away the weekend - pse keep me posted for this one Smiling

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