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Worrying sounds

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By BigJosh - Posted on 11 May 2011

I was recently riding at Manly Dam and heard a worrying creaking/clisking noise coming from what seems to be the suspension. (maybe it's the headset?) I've heard the sound before and never payed too much attention to it. Its gotten worse (every bump i hear the noise) and i am a little at loss at what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Laughing out loud

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Hi, are you talking about the front or rear suspension (I assume front as you mentioned the headset)

If yes to Fork, do you hear it all the time? Or only when you hit bumps / brake?

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are you standing or seated when the noise happens?

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A pro mechanic will sort it out fast and it could be serious. I recommend KOM.

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creaks and clicks can come from anywhere. it could be the headset, it could be the seatpost. it could be a loose bolt on your brakes. if you've inspected the bike thoroughly, and can't see anything obvious then best way forward is to 1. go to the LBS, Or 2. give your bike a really really good clean, go from one end to the other, greasing all the bolt threads, inspecting every movable bit, look for cracks, put some grease on the seat raisl, some grease in the seat post tube (just a tiny bit)check rotor bolts etc. Go from one end to another.

Frames can work like an amplifieer to little creaks and cracks, they make it really difficult to pinpoint those annoying sound. An LBS will certainly get it done quickly and efficently, but going over the bike yourself will teach you what you need to do next time you hear it. If the noise is still there, get the suspension looked at.

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Give it to Brad at KOM2, he needs the practice Sticking out tongue

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