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1x9/1x10 setup

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By willy101 - Posted on 15 May 2011

Thinking of changing to a 1x9 or 10 setup as i spend most of my riding time in the middle ring (32) and would like to run a chain guide. Just would like some opinions on a good gear spread cassette and pricing for the chain guide, cassette and chain.

Cheers Will

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Hi Will,

I've been running 1x9 for a year now and am loving it. I run a 36t at the front with a 11-32 XT cluster at the back which is pretty good. I recently went to a 11-34 for a 100km event in case I needed lower gearing for the tail end of the race when my legs were shot. It seems a lot of 1x9 riders have much smaller fronts (around 30t) but I think you'd lose too much top end speed, I can push about 40 kmph on my gearing without spinning myself into oblivion.

The loss of lower gears, in my opinion, is over-rated. I've never had a hill I cant get up and I'm not some elite freak, just a average fit rider. I noticed when I put the 34t cluster on I used the lower gearing even though I didn't need to and I think that applies for a lot of people. If you only have higher gearing you just peddle a bit harder. The upside is you get up hills faster and get fitter Smiling Maybe a 34t front with a 11-34 cluster would be a compromise choice.

On chain guides, I started with a MRP top guide only. Nice and light but I was losing the chain a bit on rough decents when you're not peddling. I recently went to a E-13 guide with a coaster gear on the bottom as well which is a bit heavier and makes an annoying noise but that chain aint going anywhere. The Widgit is another good alternative but a little more expensive

hope that helps

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great help although as im small will probs need the extra climbing gears. Just wondering-how much did the conversion cost all up?

Thanks again,

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As you're taking things off rather than adding them it's pretty cheap. I paid about $70 for this chain guide and that's all you need to get going. Alteratively you can get a Widgit for $140 that does both functions very elegantly . The main downside there is you can't change the front ring size without buying a whole new setup but it is a stainless ring so will last forever. If you want to change your cluster to a 11-24 you can get a XT cluster new for $75 with a bit of canny shopping on ebay, I believe there's also a 11-36 available in the lower ranges of Shimano products but I wanted to stay with the lighter stuff.

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Highly recommended, I put a MRP 1X chain guide and a new front ring on my bike and it is great. I kept the 11-34t 9 speed cassette that was already on the bike and took a few links out of the chain.

If your current chain and cassette are not too worn you can keep them. The mrp guides are about $75 on wiggle You can find the correct chain rings (with no shifting ramps and pins) under $40.

I think a 32t front ring is the smallest for this system, look at the widgets if you need smaller.

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1 gear's enough

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I have also been strongly considering this... Would it help to replace the rear derailleur with a short instead of a long cage? (please note that I really don't know what I'm talking about in regards to long & short derailleurs, I just know that the chain doesn't have to be as long, and there might be a little more chain slap than necessary...)

Also, any good suggestions as to where to find a good 36 front cog?

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yes it would

I've got a Super-Short Saint on my 1x9 Downhill Bike with a 36 up front. (which is in essence the gearing here)

I bought my 36T ring and the rest of this from CRC. Its a race face ring I think.

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The chain guide is DH oriented so might be heavier but for $60 for a guide and chainring it's good value

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I use a Wigit with a 11-34 (1x9). Check this diagram out. I'd suggest trying a 30 or 32 Widgit.


I only tend to run out of gears on downhill road, or long very fast fire trail.

Ultimate combo: 1x9 with an adjustable seatpost. I love it!!

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if you are not doing DH stuff, you might be happier with a cheaper and lighter option...

I put a N-gear jump stop and a bash ring on my townie/kiddie trailer/whatever bike, and a 34T Surly ring (straight chainring, no ramps or angled teeth), and it works a treat with my existing 11-32 cassette and long cage derailleur... actually, come to think of it, I haven't put my bash ring on yet, I still have the big ring on there for that purpose Smiling

I have found the 34x11-32 setup to be adequate gearing for everything so far, and that includes towing a double kiddie trailer with approx 20kg of child up and down fernleigh track. If I had a geared hardtail mtb, I would run this setup (and may end up putting bouncy forks on this bike as a spare/loaner)

look for one on ebay.


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thanks all for the advice. Will be looking round for some good deals to get all the stuff for the conversion. Thanks again.

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i have a paul's chain keeper sitting in the spares bin. Havn't used it yet. I bought it because it looked like a simple way to keep the chain on.

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I'm sure that I am missing something here... Why do I need a chain guide at all? I mean, my old BMX never had one, & used to thrash that thing. (See profile pic) Is it because of the rear derailleur & the slightly different angles that the chain runs on the cogs?

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You BMX had rear drop outs and no rear mech. It was a single speed with rear drop outs. The rear mech, makes slack = droped chains. Take your front mech off and see, but be careful. When the chain drops it can be dangerous.

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I had zero mechanical knowledge as a teenager & paid no attention to the bike itself. That does make sense now that you've explained it. Thanks!

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