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New Enduro at Port Macquaire

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By Floydo - Posted on 18 May 2011
Track designed by Jason English.
Mixture of single and fire trail, with a few climbs. There are some great trails in this area.

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Looks like a good event. 1 week after the Back Yamma. Mmmmh...decisions!

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Also Pleasure and Pain two weeks before.

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As The Angry Doctor was canned this year I was thinking of the one at Parkes but now this. What to do...

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I think I have read it correctly and it looks like the 100km is its own circuit and not just 2 laps of the 50. Is that how others read it?

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Pretty sure there is a rule in the XCM series that a course doesn't have laps

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Hey Guys
It's not laps - it's seperate course. We've been working on this one for a while with a view to launching next year, but when Angry Dr vanished for this year we brought it forward for XCM to ensure a five race series.

Stay tuned for news about camping onsite etc as well - we're trying to make this as trip friendly as possible. Any suggestions welcome - we realise that at that extra hour (3.5hrs) from Sydney than the Husky it is a bit longer drive and want to make it as easy on competitors as possible.

Oh and the kick on in town on Saturday night should be a blast.

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I did enjoy riding around Port Macquarie last year so I might be keen for this one!

Be nice though if the course, profile and camping details were avialable prior to race registration...

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Yep course and profile will be up as soon as Mr English gets back to Port Mac - figure it should only be around half his Monday morning training ride!

Camping is just getting last details sorted at the moment and will post as soon as that's sorted. You may or may not have to bring or set up your own tent.

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Camping sorted. Get in early and get a spot in the Real Insurance tent city and you'll arrived to a tent set up and waiting for you. For those that miss out BYO tent for free camping.

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