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Hope for us all yet. English human after all

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By philberesford - Posted on 19 May 2011

Battle Royale in the Red Centre
And three become two...or so it could transpire as Jason English fell away in today’s Stage Five 22km time trial, leaving yellow jersey rider Andy Blair, along with Aiden Lefmann, to put the pedal down for a face-off battle up front.

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Maybe he is human but those guys are in another league, even the likes of Blewitt and Both who are very solid racers and do well in marathons get left behind compared to English.

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This stage 22k much to short for English. Because there was no 100k leg in the event he has had trouble getting enough time advantage accumulated to cover these shorter stages.

It's going to be hard to make up 1:30 tomorrow over 50km.

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Id say he's had a pretty full on timetable recently and probably deserves a break after this. Marathon Champs, 24 solo, dirtworks, 7 stage race in the desert all within just a few months has got be a little tiring. I need two weeks off after just dirtworks!

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Jason always has a chat with the people he passes, doesn't matter who you are.
Not like a certain person from a certain pro mountain bike team that screams track from a 100 meters away, and demands you get out of his way, and if you don't runs you off the track.
Does alot with the kids in Port to.

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He's on good form at the moment and he's pretty hungry for the win!
I'll try and post the result as soon as we've finished tomorrow. ( if I have any strength left? )

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looks like you are doing pretty well yourself - consistently placing between 4th and 8th in the vets by the looks of things.

Can you get a podium today ? If it is the same as last year today was my favourite leg.

Keep up the good work.


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Time trial yesterday but a mass start over the same course last night put me down a few places due to being stuck in a long slow train on the singletrack.
Very frustrating to say the least. I must get quicker on the flats so I can beat people into the singletrack!

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Great work Gazza, can't wait to see your blog after the event.

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The reports coming from this race look great and I am seriously tempted to do this next year.

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I think the top three boys rode over the line together on today's last stage in a kind of gentlemans agreement.
I had one he'll of a day, think I came in third in category which would put me in fourth overall but I'm not counting my chickens untill I get the official results.
All in all a fantastic week, can't wait for next year! Maybe???

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Well done Gazza - top 3 podium finish - I thought you would go well in this stage !

Make sure you have a few beers to celebrate at tonights dinner.


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Came in fourth today! Never mind, still happy with that!
I've still to find out where I stand in the final results???

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