Manly Dam wildlife

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By stevebaker - Posted on 20 May 2011

Snapped on a lunchtime lap today. Not a particularly scary beast, but well positioned across the track! I would've thought most of these fellas would be bunking down for the winter - this guy just couldn't resist a nice sunny day.

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Looks like a red bellied black snake. Nice find!

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Jacojoco and I encountered one having a slurp from a puddle at Cascades the other week. Didn't seem in a great rush to leave when we turned up, in fact it was pretty relaxed. I've got video of it on my laptop I'll post up once I can get the Contour Storyteller software to stop crashing.

I almost ran over one last weekend up at Kiwarrak - that one was moving a bit more quickly.

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I live at the edge of LCNP, been riding there for the last 5 years, never seen a snake. Last weekend riding solo , red bell black just lying in the center of the track, just up from from the concrete bike path heading up towards Epping.

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Seen more snakes in the last 6 weeks than the last 4 years combined.

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Some sunshine after the wet summer combine with an abundance of things for them too eat has them out and about

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