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Linden Ridge update for 29 May

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By stephen - Posted on 29 May 2011

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Linden Ridge
Amber/Some Issues

Rode the Linden Ridge single track today, 7km each direction of totally overgrown trail. Arms and legs are raw from the branches/tree's. Didn't ride right out Linden Ridge itself was running short of time.

Will have to organise a trail maintenance day.

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Will have to organise a trail maintenance day!

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Havent ridden it for awhile, prob 4 years ago, it doesnt get a lot of traffic hence the overgrown nature of it, i have been thinking of a help day down here at Winmalee, there is soooo much work to do, i have hardly ridden in 3 months, i have been trying to get on top of maintenance but with rain and traffic on it whilst raining, it is getting on top of me!..think i will post up a day!

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Did you ride it Giles?

Funny I was only discussing this during the week as a mate went out but didn't ride it. I need to build some kind of robust trailer/tool carrier to get equipment around the trails, especially to get out Linden Ridge as it's a long walk. Anyone got simple ideas?

There is a lot of water damage to Lazo's especially through the first section from the drop in. Bigzoo and I did a little bit of drainage and took the chainsaw in to remove the head high fallen tree last week. Will hopefully get stuck into it over the next few weeks. Then might look at doing the Linden ridge ST.

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No Stephen - Didn't ride it but was thinking it will certainly need some tlc after the weather we have had. As it's one of the only "legal" bits of ST it's a shame to let it go unused as it's not a bad ride out and back.

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Are we talking the same linden ridge, the one that starts after that steep tarred road?..NEAR WATER BOARD LAND?

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I tink so Todd. It's actually Dawes Ridge that the sniggle is on. It's all kosher as far as I'm aware, even has a "bike sign" on the entry point.

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Yeah it's all legal single track, even still I would not do more than simple pruning and clearing on that track and get NPWS permission first.

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I have sent an email to Tina Hill (Oaks Ranger) to find out how we can go about this.

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Nice one!!

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