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A time worth signing up for!

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By redlobster - Posted on 30 May 2011

6 Mar 11

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Well done, everybody step back one position Smiling

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On the back of riding there from Chatswood too!

Well done. In my dreams...... Smiling

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Nice work... a sub 30 min is what dreams are made of! However, I'm a seasoned healthcare professional and by rights you should have had a heart attack within the first 8 minutes! 239 BPM is huge... is the Garmin correct? If so, you're a machine. Well played, sir!

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The Garmin's go a bit potty for the first few minutes until there is some moisture under the sensors

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My previous PB was 32min, always starting at the top of the big descent, I realized I could shave a few minutes just by starting the fast lap at the hydro works as I could 'rest' on the big descent on the way down, so I took it easy for the first half until I got there, had a GU and then went bananas. I still think there's another minute or so I could gain, eg not shifting out of big-ring at the front on the Pinch climb near Alambie, but the track is pretty torn up now so will have to wait... God knows how the others got a sub 25min lap in though!

@andyfev 239 is the garmin playing silly buggers, always happens at the same spot (top of Roseville Chase), my true HR at that point would have only been around 150. I do love how flat the "racing" HR was during the hot lap, 186max. (I'm 29)

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After they finish the current works anything over 25 minutes will be slow and you'll be able to do it on a roadie. Awesome!

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