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Recent Merida 24 Hour

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By Dicko - Posted on 31 May 2011

Great summary clip of the recent Merida 24 hr held in just outside of Brissy earlier this month.

Great little course !


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Did you end up riding the event?

That clip is pretty representative of the 16k lap I did there last year. Loved that rock garden on the hardtail. I still remember the dust and hills.

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Hey Paul

Yep - went up there to catchup with a mate - entered as a 4 man team. Pretty social really, but great weather (no rain whatsoever). I liked the course, some climbing, and just rough / techy enough to keep things interesting. I think 90% single track which was good. Relatively fast laps which kept the heart rate up.

Team knocked out 24 laps before calling it a day.


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