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Kiwarrak State Forest update for 06 Jun

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By kazam - Posted on 06 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Last week has been really wet, the weekend was rideable but with a lot of water in some tracks. Today's(monday) ride was nice and sunny but there are still patches of water and mud in places.

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Hey kazam, there's a bunch of us heading up from Sydney for the long weekend, but the weather forecast doesn't look so good at the moment.

Don't wanna trash the good work up there - how tolerant is the track if it gets an inch or so of rain Sat/Sun? Does it turn into a mudfest?

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We've had a few dry and sunny days and the good weather will probably hold till friday but this weekend doesn't look good. Because the ground is already wet and saturated due to last weeks rain and hasn't had time to dry out properly. If it rains it will be wet and muddy this weekend. The forcast is 90% chance of rain Sad

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Thanks kaz, yeah I thought so.

Took a look this afternoon at the 10-day on the bottom of page at and made the decision to defer for a few weeks. Give my regards to Dave and the crew.

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